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  1. I would. I picked up Envtex for that reason (I use AS16+ASCA and PTA. I'm excited to try out the next PTAbsolute offering before I completely bid v3 goodbye) The other argument for Envtex has been stated- It's still in active development. I can't say the same about REX4 which will likely be retired once Skyforce goes live.
  2. They offer similar textures. To echo PMB, the UI for Envtex is much easier to work with. For the price, I feel Envtex is a better value.
  3. SReese


    I'm excited for the day when someone doesn't make a VAS related post, but then I temper that excitement because I know that day will never come...
  4. Multiple posters have mentioned it's not an issue for them (myself included) and yet you seem unswayed. Couple that with the fact that you claim you mainly produce this problem with these very detailed set of parameters and when others offer their observations or an alternate scenario you remark "you have to set it exactly as I have" and it seems more like this is an issue with the scenario you are running and not the sim as a whole.
  5. This is almost too level-headed a response for these forums. I agree with this sentiment. Personally, I'm looking forward to returning here in a few months when all the naysayers start posting screenshots about how much they love this bird and what a great product this is, et al.
  6. Without owning or using this specific mod, the best I can say is to read the documentation you used to install it, and reverse the steps.
  7. If you can live without a sim platform then wait. If not, install FSX and enjoy. It's not terribly hard to uninstall anything provided you keep track of what you're putting in and are comfortable with your operating sys. FWIW, FSX and P3D can coexist on the same machine without any conflict.
  8. This sounds like the "fixed heading" tick that isn't enabled yet.
  9. As you've been here quite a while, you know that won't be an issue... ;)
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