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  1. Alaska Air Virtual is less than a year old, yet we have over 300 pilots with over a 1.5 million miles flown! The new kid on the block is simply changing the game, its not just about logging hours anymore its about the quality of your flight! No one wants to simply fly to your favorite airport and submit a pirep that then takes days to be approved...No No No.... At AAv, you fly what you want, when you want, where you want, within our network of over 49,000 routes and 1100 destinations as we leverage real world flights and code share operators such as Delta, American, Emirates, British Airways, Virgin Group....and over 15 more! But what about the pireps? Our customized and branded` ACARS, grades your flight as you fly providing you with a detail flight analysis during and after the flight! With us, its quality over quantity, real world navigation, with group flights daily! Are you ready to fly different? Lets see if you have what it takes to be a Alaska Air Virtual Pilot =) www.alaskaair-virtual.org
  2. Aviation enthusiast, yes you read the title correctly, Alaska Airlines Virtual has adopted real world routes to include our code shares such as British Airways, Emirates, American Airlines, just to name a few. We have over 800 destinations, encompassing over 28,000 routes with plans to have over 35,000! Our VA is the happy medium of real world operations and the fly what you want where you want model! - Auto filing/Grading PIREPS, awards, vast fleet, branded ACARS,awesome staff! www.alaskaair-virtual.org Come Fly Different!
  3. Looking to join an rapidly growing and active VA?! Alaska Air Virtual's mission is to become the premier VA for Alaska Air Group and Virgin America by providing pilots with the ability to fly what they want, where they want within our network! We've incorporated Alaska Airlines code shares allowing us to not only dominate the West coast of the USA but, spread our wings across the globe. Are you an American Airlines, Korean Air, or Emirates airline advocate? Say no more, we have the code share flights along with 9 other partnerships! Fleet consist of the Dash8, CR7, iconic NGX, Airbus a319-a340, the 777, or 747........We have it all. Fully automated ACARS and Operations center with built in grading and PIREP submission...Our HR team has onboarding videos for our pilots: Our Training center provides how to's on all popular aircraft... Such as: Check us out! https://www.alaskaair-virtual.org/
  4. Pilots and Aircrew: As we all know Prepar3d Version 4 has set new boundaries with respect to possibilities within flight sim providing the foundation for further immersion and the ability to enrich the aeronautical learning experience. Such advances paves the way to the future; as such we've tested and confirmed our ACARS within Alaska Air Virtual is fully operational with the 64bit platform allowing our VA to be concurrent with this start of evolution! Come peruse the outskirts of our a modernly robust and forward thinking VA where we are pilot focused and determine if we are the right fit for you! www.Alaskaair-virtual.org - Fly Different Are you ready for the future of flight simulation?.....We are...
  5. Pilots of all skill levels: Are you looking for a modernly robust Airline to fly for? Alaska Air Virtual might be the right fit! At Alaska Air Virtual, not only do we fly Alaska Air Group real-world flights but all of their code shares as well! This structure allows us to fly for Virgin America/Atlantic/Australia, Emirates, KLM, Aeromexico, and Fiji Airways just to name a few! Our fleet is wide ranging from a DASH8 to extra widebody aircraft. Our operations center has the ability to earn awards as you fly all over the world! Benefits: Real world flights Automatic Pirep system Routes provided Built in scoring module to gauge proficiency Fly what you want, where you want within our network Provided Liveries & other downloads Modernly Robust Operation center (pilot communication, OFP dispatching, METAR on demand) Interactive ACARS Requirements: You must be at least 14 years old You must have a valid email address You agree to complete at least 1 flight per 30 days You own a legal copy of MS Flight simulator/SE, Prepar3d, or X-Plane You must have a valid VATSIM OR IVAO ID or Pass our recruitment test You must comply with all VATSIM/IVAO/PilotEdge/vPilot Regulations Uphold honesty and integrity during your career with Alaska Air Virtual Model professionalism and ethical behavior while in association with Alaska Air Virtual Zero tolerance for obscenities, vulgar, sexist, racist, or other derogatory remarks made by any of our members to anybody else, their religion, gender orientation, despite their association with Alaska Air Virtual Come fly different for perhaps one of the most professional and aesthetically pleasing VA's out there! Alaska Air Virtual - Fly Different www.Alaskaair-virtual.org
  6. Looking for a dynamic and immersive Virtual Airline? Alaska Air Virtual is not just Alaska Air, we fly Virgin America, Australia, Atlantic, Skywest, Horizon Air, and now Condor allowing us to fly all over the world! Our fleet ranges from a Dash-8 to the iconic 747-400! Come embrace the fly what you want, when you want model with us! Check out a few of our videos! We approach VA operations a bit different, we create videos and How To's for all process and procedures, from flight operations to aircraft training! Official Promo: https://youtu.be/nqadPH6wQxg Employee On boarding: https://youtu.be/_Ujjf7hI9iQ Booking & Dispatch center: https://youtu.be/7gJJqSMI8lU Are you ready to Fly Different? www.alaskaair-virtual.org
  7. Alaska Air Virtual might be a good fit - we are new yet our pilots are active and always on our DISCORD server. We have hundreds of real world routes based on Alaska Air Group and Virgin Group. Check us out https://www.alaskaair-virtual.org/
  8. Alaska Air Virtual might be a good fit for you, check us out! https://www.alaskaair-virtual.org/
  9. Call all pilots, all skill levels and experiences, Alaska Air Virtual (AAv) is hiring new pilots to join our VA, we mimic the operations and schedules of Alaska Airlines, Virgin America, Australia, and Atlantic! This structure allows us to have routes all over the world! We allow our pilots to fly what they want, when they want, where they want within our network! Our system is completely automated from our ACARS systems to PIREPS, as it grades each flight, tracks compensation, flight log, fuel burned, pax transported and much more! We provide routes for over 90% of our routes, and our site and ACARS provides auto-updating METAR and airport information! You don't need to fly on VATSIM/IVAO, simply file one PIREP a month to stay active! Also we are currently in search for a VP of Marketing/Events to assist managing our social media, coordinating VATSIM events, our brand and awareness of our VA! Our pilots have access to our partnership discounts with FS2CREW and Aerosoft - Our fleet is extensive from the DASH 8 to a 744! www.alaskaair-virtual.org - The common first impression from anyone who simply visits our site is WOW! Come fly different, where we are committed to excellence, committed to learning, and most importantly, committed to you!
  10. Alaska Air Virtual (AAv) is a virtual airlines that is all about aviation and fun! Come fly what you want, when you want, where you want within our network! Our fleet is extensive from a Dash 8 to a 747. We mimic the merger of Alaska Air and Virgin America and their partners allowing us to dominate the west coast and scour the globe! We fly real world flights, provide detailed airport info, have an automatic pilot system: tracking your flight logs, virtual compensation, rank and much more! For a tour of our operation center check out our video: http://bit.ly/2m40hBK Are you looking for a new career in flight simulation? Fly Different with us https://www.alaskaair-virtual.org/ We will be hosting a promotion for awareness soon that will be: like and share our Facebook and be entered to win a PMDG aircraft on your desired platform! Stay tuned! Check us out! Are you ready to Fly Different?
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