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  1. I tried running it in admin mode. It didn't crash this time, but it didn't update either. My installed version is 300.8605 747-400 v3
  2. Hi. Same thing just happened to me with the 747-400 v3 update
  3. Hi, Adrian. You can set fuel management to auto in the FMC. I think it was in the auto cruise page under FS actions. If not, it's in the settings somewhere. Cheers
  4. Hi, Bryan. Please don't remove the pause function. Real life happens sometimes during pre-flight, so the pause function is useful from time to time. Thanks
  5. Looking forward to it. Especially the AU set, my favorite from the NGX Reboot. Thanks
  6. I have to agree with some of the critics here. I'm using the US set and it sounds great in my opinion, but the others not so much. Like someone said they sound like they were recorded in a bathroom. Very little sound absorption.
  7. I do it myself, but I've switched off the FO preflight in the config.
  8. Yes, but I don't think they check that on the checklist. I've missed it at least once and was puzzled for a moment that I couldn't engage VNAV or LNAV prior to take-off. I'm still very "green" when it comes to the 747, but I like watching flight videos so if you'll end up uploading it... :D
  9. Hi. I'm using SOP 2 and have no issues with autopilot engaging. I use the autoland quite a lot. I'm just shooting in the dark here, but one thing that's not on the checklists are the flight directors. You need to put both of them on. The FO doesn't engage his/hers. Just in case if you missed that.
  10. I'm using autopilot in SOP 2. No issues what so ever
  11. +1 on all things mentioned. I also noticed that the FO doesn't reply when I say "FL XXX set"
  12. Yes thanks, I saw it in the useful commands section at the bottom of the main ops manual. It was just a different voice command. "Nacelle" instead of "engine"
  13. Greatly appreciated. All thought I am enjoying myself some lady company in the cockpit
  14. " the FO did not perform the "after touchdown items" for the touch and go (the same problem I reported in my other thread)." Happened to me once on my first flight with the FS2crew 747. It failed to trigger when I lowered my speed brake after clearing the runway. Since I've disabled that config option and now on I've used the voice command "okay to clean up"
  15. I tried it once, but the views didn't really work. The view changed, but the point of views were off. Not a problem for me tho, since I use EZDOK and TIR.
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