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  1. My thoughts: Swapping the MB’s is no issue, just update all drivers at first boot. Upgrading to 12th gen CPU while maintaining the old 1070 GPU makes the system unbalanced. You CPU will be waiting a lot. Can’t tell how much that will influence the FPS on those games. The 12th gen CPU is already high a performer, overclocking will not be as easy as your 6600K. But the K CPU’s are on a (bit) higher base clock compared to the non-K. Might be a consideration. 550 W is on the limit I think, but with no overclock and the old GPU it could do good enough. YMMV.
  2. Your second monitor will not be “graphics intensive” in use, so no big demand of the GPU. You might also connect it to the internal GPU of you mother board. It will be far sufficient to power that monitor with simple static programs.
  3. That is good news. Apparently, your old power supply had some very good over current protection, isolating everything behind it from the blast. Happy flying.
  4. I meant, upgrading to a Z390 MB is no problem for your current CPU. As long as that one is still usable. If you need tot replace the CPU as well, upgrading to the newer and current CPU’s and applicable MB will be the next step. And more costly….
  5. I don’t use XP, so can’t say anything on that. But changing to a Z390 MB doen not mean upgrading your CPU to i9. Your current CPU will fit, if it has survived. Same for your RAM. So if only your MB and power supply are damaged, replacing them would be the easiest way out.
  6. As said before, delete the Community Folder. Removing the store or the sim is not the way to go.
  7. There is an options setting to turn off the black screen when in full screen.
  8. This might do the trick. Go to settings , Apps, Microsoft Flight Simulator App. There should be a "move' button, which lets you move the app.
  9. Best place for the radiator is at front, pulling fresh air in and then let it flow out at the top. If you place it at the top, you either pull already warmer air from inside out through the radiator, or try to push warm air down in the case. That is the reverse direction warm air normaly flows.
  10. NZXT is good, Corsair also. No need to be afraid of leaks when using all-in-one coolers like these.
  11. If you are into overclocking (which you are with a 9900k), then the Gigabyte is the best. The power provision of this board is superior to any other mobo, and you need a stable power supply to the CPU for overclocking. I have the Gigabyte (without the wifi) and am very pleased with it.
  12. I tried the 9700K last week. Did perform well. But for some reason it could not be overclocked to more than 4,7 GHz. Probably just a bad CPU from the silicon lottery. But 9700's are 9900's with defects and downgraded to 9700 That way Intel gets more chips from one wafer. Therefore the 9700 are worse in overclocking. But that's the point of buying a K-model processor. If you are not into overclocking, a plain 9700 would do, if you do want to get the most out of it, a 9900K will be the best option. I returned the 9700 and will go for a 9900K, which has more cache indeed which will always help (noticable or not :-))
  13. Checked today with the latest beta, works fine.
  14. As far as I understood from PMDG some time ago, they are not allowed by Boeing to show damage to the airplane. And they need their cooperation with Boeing to produce these wonderfull aircrafts. That is why you don’t see any smoke or fire from your engine even if the fire bell rings in the cockpit. Opening doors for maintenance would be a similar issue.
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