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  1. I tried the 9700K last week. Did perform well. But for some reason it could not be overclocked to more than 4,7 GHz. Probably just a bad CPU from the silicon lottery. But 9700's are 9900's with defects and downgraded to 9700 That way Intel gets more chips from one wafer. Therefore the 9700 are worse in overclocking. But that's the point of buying a K-model processor. If you are not into overclocking, a plain 9700 would do, if you do want to get the most out of it, a 9900K will be the best option. I returned the 9700 and will go for a 9900K, which has more cache indeed which will always help (noticable or not :-))
  2. He says “same hdd” every time. Which part of the answers can’t you read?
  3. Checked today with the latest beta, works fine.
  4. As far as I understood from PMDG some time ago, they are not allowed by Boeing to show damage to the airplane. And they need their cooperation with Boeing to produce these wonderfull aircrafts. That is why you don’t see any smoke or fire from your engine even if the fire bell rings in the cockpit. Opening doors for maintenance would be a similar issue.
  5. Normally this is done with the manual door release handles at the doors. These are not simulated. If you use the alt gear extention, the doors will be kept closed by the hydraulic system. Perhaps switching hydr system 1 and 4 to OFF would open the doors using the alt extend.
  6. Bertie, Your RTO technique is not standard. At RTO, close all P/L’s and select all reversers to interlock. Brakes will go to Max braking (as selected!) and spoilers will deploy on reverse selection. Don’t use Manual braking! That is the whole idea of the RTO Autobrakes. Use reverse thrust until speed is 60 kts. Disarm autobrakes at save speed by manual brake input.
  7. That should be easy for any software programmer, I expect PMDG do it in a flash. Just devide the day into 29 and your calender week into 10. Can’t be that difficult.
  8. In my books it is called the Nav Transfer Selector (this time I looked in the manual :-)). But what's in a name.
  9. Although I have over 9000 hrs on the classic, you should never try remember something from memory stowed away long time... You have to switch the Nav Transfer Selector to MULTI and not LAND3 or DUAL (which will happen automatically if the Nav Mode Selector is moved to ILS or LAND). Then you can select additional autopilots in CMD. And from there on, Bertie is correct.
  10. On the classic 747 you had to select LAND3 (or Dual if you had only 2 ap’s) before selecting the other ap’s to CMD. Those were the days you could make a single ap approach but had to disengage them before landing. On the 747-400 it is always all ap’s on during approach.
  11. The CTD due to the PFD popup is something PMDG is aware of and trying hard to find the cause. In the next update this week there will be a FMS configuration selection for the PFD popup to disable it. That is no solution, but will help to inadvertently click the PFD and crash the flight. Until then you will have to be patient as PMDG is still puzzled why this happens to some customers, while most never sees the issue.
  12. It has happened before. The activation key only checks if the key itself is valid, not if it is the valid key for the aircraft you are activating. So mixing up keys has been a issue before. Only during startup you find the aircraft not working because then is checks the validation for the particular aircraft! PMDG is aware of this, but cannot change it (yet), as the validation program is made by another company. And apparantly has not made too many victims to urge a quick change in this.
  13. Keith, This is standard policy of PMDG. They just charge the full real live aircraft price (or estimate of it in this case), until the actual release of the airplane. So no, you cannot buy the PMDG DC-6 (yet).
  14. Are you using a virus checker? Try excluding the PRO-ATC directories from scanning.
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