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  1. Hi guys, I just started to learn painting of the 777 but I have encounter some issue. After I paint the a/c, I crop and save it as TGA and then convert TGA to DDS with image flip and alpha. I have no issue with the fuse 1, 2 and tail. However, when i move to fuse 3. the paint is distorted and looks way off. Any one knows why? I will include the picture of it as attachment. Any help or suggestion would greatly help me. Thanks Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/asAgm9K UPDATE: I FOUND THE SOLUTION THANKS
  2. Hi, before I buy chase plane, I would want to know if chaseplane works on both P3D V4 and FSX with just one copy, which means can I use one copy of chaseplane to use it for both P3D and FSX or do I have to purchase 1 for each sim?
  3. Hi there, Recently, i have trouble with my saitek throttle quadrant as it keeps resting to default controls when i start FSX. I have to chnage the settings every single time i restart my FSX. I did not have this problems at all before but i don't know why it happened to me now. Anyone can help me? Thanks
  4. Hi there, I am trying to bind my keyboard keys to FSX light panels with the standard.xml file but i have some trouble. I know there is other software which will make things easier like FSuipc but i want to do it for free. I have read many post and sites on how to config the standard.xml files but it just does not seem to work for me. Every time when i start FSX it also creates a new file called " Standard.xmlx" and i have no idea what it does. i hope that you guys can help me out. Also heres a link to what i have done to my config file so you guys a look at it. http://jmp.sh/uMghvV6 Thanks.
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