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  1. Ok, it worked with letters, but not when I only choose numbers - good to know 🙂 Thanks!!!
  2. Ok, Yesterday it worked fine. Today i did the same steps as in the manual (enter origin, destination, flightnumber), but acars shows only "perf init data not entered" - meanwhile i set up the complete flight, and im ready to go, but the message is still the same. Not sure what im doing wrong...
  3. Cool, that was the problem. Thank you so much!!! BR
  4. Hi, After updating, the Data Link did not work. FMC tells me that there is no link. Radio C is on "Data". In the options "Auto preflight uplinks" and "Auto pos rprt downlink" are set to yes... Tryed different antennas. No success. Can somebody help me out? Was a nice feature to get the wind speeds from AS. BR and thx! Mathias
  5. Sadly the issue come back from time to time. I think it has to do with the new utf8 format of the cfg´s. Some addons maybe make entries and save the file in the "old" ascii format. By resave them or overwrite it, you can solve the problem. But thats just a suspicion...
  6. Jep, but it also looks good with the BIOS/EFI Updates too, see my test above. So I think everything will be fine for us simers. Maybe they optimize the patches. Google post some better solutions and maybe the will run into future fixes...
  7. Hi, Thanky for your answer - I already did that - sound direction with Windows test is ok. I try a reinstall when I am at home... BR, Mathias
  8. So - I have installed the KB (against Meltdown) and the new ASUS 1003 UEFI (Microcodeupdate against Spectre). I setup 2 test scenarios to benchmark before and after patching. ASUS Z370 / i7 8700K Good news! - no big difference X-Plane 11.11: 44 -> 43fps Prepar3D 4.1: 40->37fps (on the ground - mid flight no drop) BR, Mathias
  9. Hi, On the PMDG the sound of the Capt. and FO always comes from the false direction. - Audiotest left is left front (ok) - Audiotest right comes from right back (false) - In flight the Captain comes from right front (false) - In flight the FO comes from right back (false) Is there a way to fix that? (Maybe some kind of config file :) Speakers set up correctly - tested and no other software have troubles. 5.1 system ASUS Soundcard is selected as standard audio- and communication device. 5.1 is also set in the windows audio settings and the ASUS control panel. No problems in the Dash8 BR, Mathias
  10. Prepar3D loose a few fps on my machine (~40 -> 37) with the new patch on my machine. As I figured out, the Windows patch was only the first step. BIOS / EFI updates with new microcode will follow. I'm already curious how much performance they will cost. Could still be a nasty surprise...
  11. Just testet X-Plane 11.11 - no difference after patching with the 8700k - looks good!
  12. Hmm, I already have troubles to load the autogen and terrain while flying, so I always thought that the SSD is the bottlenek. For sure, the task manager shows less load on the SSD, but it does not cover the IO load, only the overall MB/s load. But anyway - this makes some hope. Hopfully im wrong. - we will know more next week when the patch is out...
  13. Every Intel CPU is affected. In normal use there will be a very small performance loss - not a big deal. BUT, the "up to 40% impact" is mostly measured on heavy IO loads, with is (again, as far as I know) a big deal for flight simmers. The sim reads a lot of data. So this could be a major issue for us. Time will tell, I hope Im wrong...
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