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  1. Support told me to get the PMDG Activation Tool. I disabled my anti virus as it said, and ran it, it came up asking which product I have, I chose the PMDG 737 800/900 Base Pack, It then asked me for an activation key that starts with NGX8. Since I bought my key from Aerosoft, my key starts with NGB8.
  2. I have used the PMDG 737 for a while now and I have never ran into this problem. I loaded up the PMDG 737 and all the displays were blank, the throttles were full, the landing gear was up and I couldn't click anything. I then reinstalled it. Then I thought, good that error has gone. It had gone, but now the licence library failed to initialise. I don't know what to do about this, I have reinstalled it. If I click OK, it loads the plane with the same problems as I had said above. Please help me, I really want to fly with this plane because I am part of a virtual airline and I haven't been able to do a flight because of this. - Cane Emmingham
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