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  1. Hello. I just wanted to do one simple flight with my DA 40 after some time, but engine RPM dropped to idle and power lever stopped responding. Temperature on 2500 ft where it happened was -8,7, scattered clouds, but I had heat turned on and cabin heat too . I honestly did not expect that to happen . I also did not found alternate air source as is suggested in emergency procedures. I could use some explanation here. Edit: I just remebered that it is injection system. SO here is additiona data , heating was on pitot and both handles, fuel pump was on 2400 rpm in cruise and about 25 power. I am positive that low air temp caused this, but it is weird since my A2A Cherokee flew normaly in -30 degrees celsius in alaska. Thank you if needed I can try to get some data maybe. data for altitude where my engine started ildling: temp -8,7 dew point -11,3 alt 2350 humidity 81,4
  2. I did my first full flight in CRJ 700 and I must say it was ..intersting. First things first. Their Nav button do not make plane follow route, but it makes plane wobble arround route like drunken sailor... . Second in CRJ 700 there are no autothrottle, so setting up correct power is a bit tricky and I still learn how to climb and descend propperly. I did not tried full ILS approach yet, so I have no idea how will this work, but all in all. it is solid, but I would not bought it if i was aware that nav sucks this much. I belived it was more like minor issue but this was too much. Now i mostly use heading mode. So it is very hand on plane for whole flight. I am not sure will i ever bought any other airliner, i just like more smaller planes and honestly I cant spare 2 hours of my free time onyl for startup and shutdown...(not to mention theft price tag on some of those "hi end" plane addons"). As for me I will always recomend GTN 750, A2A Cherokee and Alabeo PA44 Seminole. All good stuff. I still miss one propper biz jet...Dont have any hehe.
  3. Thanks for offer. i got basics for now. I still hate how it wobbles arround designated route when i am in nav mode, but as I heared it is general bug. I solved that by manually setting heading. I read tutorial supplied with it too, but some things are a bit unclear to me mostly some terminology and I am most likely forgetting stuff but, main thing is that plane flies...more or less. It also went and turned off autopilot in middle of cruise yesterday. I have no idea why. Does it like to do if i accidentally move yoke (joystick in my case) ? I am guessing i will figure it out in time. So far i am landing it manually anyway. Since approach dod not worked for me yesterday for some reason (PAYA ILS11) It would be fair to say that it is most likely my fault, but bad thing was that turned off AP and wobbling of plane like drunken sailor around route. I noticed wild wobbling while I went and read some things in docs in cruise. Anyway, a message for devs, please do fix nav AP. I somewhat double that your plane in real life do sinusoidal trail on sly in cruise lol.
  4. Well. I guess i am only one flying that one. Thank god i figured out most of stuff in that plane in meantime.
  5. Hello. I had ALOT of issues with my Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 , but after messing arround with it I have finaly been able to make it work. But plane itself is huge step up from my previous one. I have experience with GTN 750, but FMC and navigation with it is causing me trouble. I made it fly, after some hassle I even made it keep stable altitude and heading. I do not expect too much problems with landing, but I would like to do it propperly. Anyway. I am looking someone experienced with plane itself, FMC and procedures to help me learn it propperly via shared cockpit on some of servers out there. I am mostly on default scenery if that matters. Feel free to send me message or reply here.
  6. Tommy41

    Looking for VA

    I fly on IVAO. I konda got used to it. With time I cam from disliking vatsim radio up to totaly hating it. I saw their fleet list which is quite extensive, but still missing all of rest planes on my list...But thang on tip. I totaly forgot to say where I fly.
  7. Tommy41

    Looking for VA

    Hello all. I got kinda bored by randomly flying arround so I grow interest for flying with an virtual airline. Now, I am casual flyer. I own Aerosoft Twin Otter extended, Alabeo PA44, DA40, PA38 Tomahawk and A2A Cherokee. From non payware for now I fly only CRJ 700 cos I do love smaller planes. I can fly at max 2-2,5 hrs a day, love to fly all arround a globe. I would apreciate VA that offer with regular flights, charter flights aswell. I like relaxed atmosphere, working VA software, some kind of voice chat. It is also worth to mention that I plan to buy A2A Connie fairly soon and I got experience with some acars type of software and FSEconomy. Hope to hear from you guys with suggestions.
  8. Well. Here is update. i guess I am still in Search since I requested refound for CRJ 700. So much for Aerosoft eh? Constant errors and that damn "not found" drove me nuts and I just stopped. Never managed to took it off ground. I have 3 Alabeo aircraft, and one from aerosoft and ofc one from A2A and I never ever had so much hassle with any of addons. Not even my GTN 750 posed problems . I am still hesitant to bite at q400 and frankly I don't like it visualy either. I am now reconsidering A2A Connie. Awsome ship, no FMC problems. I have full crew aswell. sounds good. I would only like to Know if that one supports GTN 750 (some will call that blasphemy) but it is after all 21 st century and everyone have gps in plane, so why not in Connie too. Ah I should listen warnings from you guys better and more carefully.
  9. Well for me ultimate goal is to have fun. If I need days only for takeoff I will get frustrated, so this is just nuff of worload for me. ALso, after installing this plane I realised I still have old FSX gold edition remanants laying arround PC so I needed to turnover registry, folders and what not. So after an evening of hassle I now finaly have PC ready. Aparently Aerosoft CRJ manager is sensitive on any trace of old FSX while steam edition is in use...Still Now I go and try to setup initial position in FMS..lol...that failed last night late lol.
  10. Well. Update: I just bought CRJ from aerosoft. Eventualy deciding factor of 20% (or 10%) discount atm helped to make sure and frankly Majestic and PMDG do have waay more Advanced airplanes, but fo rme personaly this is more than enough and even dreaded FMC looked not to difficult to handle. Thanks for help. I will most likely ask for help with lerning this think on apropriare subforum :) Edit: also i noticed solid amount of updates which suggested that it is not abandonware like carenado or alabeo.
  11. That was interesting conversation. I took twotter for a spin yesterday from Monsoone Canada due west (arround world trip) cos my logic was that their plane with loads of antiice would be perfect for -20, snow and 20+ kts headwind...o boy were i wrong...damn thing just kept icing and icing...ended up at 40. Speed could not get over 120 kts with ground speed 90. I decided to go above cloud layer for cruise cos presumingly advanced icing systems cheked will behave as in real world. Where there are no moisture...there are no ice. Well to cut storry short in order not to break flight irelised that fuel calculator was horribly wrong and i realised that o need to go back to Monsoone or I will go out or fuel. All in all i will stop use that plane. I had no issues with engines anymore since i watched that MP not exceed 45 at about 75-80% prop setting. So, conclusion for me is if bush plane made for temperaturtres up to -40 degrees celsius not work ..something is very wrong. Deicing did not even lowered icing at all. Funny, my A2A Cherokee and Alabeo PA44 worked flawlwssly once i managed to start engines. That leads me to my final thing wich i at least semirealistic icing behaviour. Majestic hmmm dunno. I hear that it is horrible to control manualy wich is aparently true in real life aswell. I stsrted to watch Froogle vids about Crj and it loked just fine there...dunno. Plane looked promising for smaller commercial jet. Even with manual throttle.
  12. I use fsx:se. That is why i added tag..sorry for not mentionning in text. As for prosedures yea i was not following procedures hehe. It was fun and frustrating at same time as i had engine fire and following i had to make one engine emwrgency landing. That was fun. I did consider majestic q400 but for some reason i discarded that idea so i might go with aerosoft crj. I could use a challenge and reason to follow propper procedures. For some reason twotter is making me to be lazy. I will go and do reading on it again untill i get new plane. As added challenge, i need to take into account very cold weather in ontario where i fly at the moment (arround world trip). Anyway, thanks for tips.
  13. Hello all Since i got interested lately in smaller passenger jets and turboprops and default planes are just not enough. I have aerosoft twin otter extended wich is my only commercial addon for now. It is good, but i am not too happy with it due to very sensitive engines...kinda alot of micromanagement. So i was thinking to go a bit bigger like crj 700 or embraers.. Important things to me are price, quality and features. I never flew pmdg or alike aircraft so am asking you guys. I am opened to suggestions. Tommy
  14. Lot of weird issues...I went on a flight and got my carb frozen, heating levers do not do anything...Ia m kinda angry about now..off to support
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