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  1. I was running FSX:SE on an I7-930 (2.8Ghz) and a GTX-660 w/o any problems. Though I do have to say I wasn't running any CPU intensive addons.
  2. If SSD were the same prices as HDD, I'd rather use it for performance reasons. In the mainframe world, where I work, all the "DASD" is SSD. Nothing mechanical any more. Just SSD that emulates the various 3390 models.
  3. Short update: I did not experience any momentary freezes using game mode last night that I would have gotten otherwise.
  4. FSX started fine for me. From what I was reading, for the most part you might see a slight improvement, but you're more likely to see fewer times of lower FPS than before. Since I haven't had those problems in FSX (admittedly, I don't have a whole lot of add ons), I'm wanting to see what it does to Condor. With that, I noticed a drop on a fairly routine basis (about every 3 or 4 minutes on large sceneries, CPU 0 would drop from 100% to about 90% utilization, along with screen freezes, like something took over the CPU).
  5. Having been involved in the IT industry for over 40 years, delays such as this do not surprise me. I'd rather have a solid product that has what's most wanted than one that is lacking.
  6. I had loads of fun with of "Microsoft Flight Simulator As Real As it Gets". It was a monster, requiring 25MB of disk space if you loaded up everything. I thought it was for WIn 95, but after looking at the install guide, plain old MS-DOS was required. I know I used some earlier version, just can't remember which one, but I still have the CD to this one. Compared to that, FSX is a beauty.
  7. I've read that will be in the next upgrade coming out in April (the so called "Creators Update").
  8. Occasionally, when I start FSX-SE it will hang in the splash screen. It never gets to the point of loading what is in dll.xml (at least not down to the ones where the dialog box asks whether or not to run a program). The only way it seems to fix is to use the task manager to kill fsx.exe and then start it up again. Task Manager shows 0% CPU usage for fsx.exe when it is stuck like this. I once left it that way for an hour -- still ended up having to kill it. Is there a fix for this behaviour? I've already disabled preload.
  9. Yes, made it all the way. Had a slight (4 knots) quartering tailwind. FSX:SE with CumulusX! for the thermals. Here's coming in for a landing in Montrose: (Note: Increased contrast and added some saturation in both "pictures") And an XCSoar barograph of it. Haven't read the manual, so I don't know what the blue lines are.
  10. To bring this more current with the "fix" I found. I had the same problem with Mission 8 - couldn't bring the engines down to idle, couldn't fly at the requested speeds. I noticed the cockpit throttle would not pull all the way back with the Saitek Throttle Quadrant. F2 would bring it all back, but the moment I touched the quadrant throttle, it would jump forward. The "fix" was pulling up the controls and giving the throttle full sensitivity instead of the default with the slider only in the middle position. Now the full motion is there.
  11. On the way from Gunnison to Montrose, CO, in a Labelle.
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