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  1. I do not think the sound is correct for the engines in the C310 redux. There are two sources of sound - one from the internal combustion (the explosions within the cylinders), and the other due to prop cutting through the air. You should be able to hear a change in engine power when the MP is decreased, regardless of prop RPM. there are many C310 videos on YouTube which illustrate this quite well. As for the aerodynamics - they are very realistic. I feel like I am flying an aircraft, not computer code. All of the gauges have a very realistic response time, and I appreciate that. It is a lovely flying plane. Brian Andonian, BSE Aero Eng, MSE Systems Eng. FAA commercial pilot #2600156
  2. Had the same issue. For me, it was to modify a file in the LatinVFR KSNA scenery. Apparently, ORBX global and KSNA are not compatible. Now, i can fly anywhere in the socal area without random CTD errors. While I have not done extensive testing on this fix, I'm pretty sure it has resolved the issue. I also have ORBX socal installed. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/514115-latinvfr-john-wayne-crashing-v4/ ***** Here's what Holger says: Update Dec 22: If you're using LatinVFR KSNA in P3D it installs an additional landclass file that needs to be deactivated: DEACTIVATE: (by renaming from .bgl to .bgl.off) >>> in \LatinVFR\OrangeCo_KSNA\Scenery LC_1620.bgl.OFF
  3. Jim Young, I want to commend you on your exemplary help provided in this forum. I have download your CTD guide just now, and I have been reading your posts on this forum. I have been struggling with terrain.dll CTD's almost always in the KLGB area regardless of aircraft. I'm using ORBX global and ORBX southern California. After reading your post above, I CAN'T WAIT to get home and try this. The CTD's are devastating to me particularly because they happen on the approach end of the flight and I'm using PilotEdge ATC services. I always end up with this "unfinished business" feeling for the rest of day. Anyways, you have given me hope. Thanks for the help!!! Brian Andonian
  4. I have a .txt file in the folder with data in the file, but is there a guide which explains the columns in the data file? Also, it would not appear the lat/long are included in the file.
  5. Can you use the FSX installer for this process?
  6. Ok, so I tried this, and it worked. Somehow it worked. I got some errors right after the Real Air config panel stating that several INI files were not updated. Much to my amazement this 32 bit FSX aircraft works in P3Dv4. Now I'll concentrate on getting the fix for the audio. Thanks to all on this thread for the help!!!
  7. Will the fsx version installer work in P3d V4, with this method?
  8. What does "Non-transferrable" mean? Kidding, I get it. I see that now in Section 1. of the EULA. Total investment will be $225 for this airplane, very expensive but it's worth it. Thanks! Brian Andonian RW Commercial Pilot #2600156
  9. Hello, having just purchased QOSII from PMDG a few months ago, and recently transitioned to P3D V4.0, I'm wondering if I am authorized to sell my FSX version of 747-400 QOS II to another person? I looked over the EULA and I did not see anything preventing resale of my software and license. I am going to be purchasing the P3D V4.0 version of the 747-400. Obviously, I will de-activate my copy prior to selling the software. In any case, I am not looking to violate any terms of the license agreement.
  10. Does anyone know where I can get the EZdok profiles which came with the QOSII aircraft? I deleted all of the external views because I was having an issue, but once I resolved the issue I was looking for the original EZDok profile to reload. I can't find it in the installation folders. thanks in advance. Brian Andonian
  11. this makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the reply. I guess a hardware upgrade is in order.
  12. Hello, First off, 747-400 QOSII is a masterpiece. Love the plane. I enjoy that when I have a message pop up on the EICAS, I can look it up in the quick reference handbook and learn how to deal with the message. Makes me feel like I am flying the real thing. Fuel system management is very cool. Autopilot seems to be incredibly realistic. Now to my question, I'm using a relatively old Precision T5500 workstation with a pretty good XEON X5687 chip and 6GB of system RAM. I have a geForce GTX 750 TI with 2gb of video RAM. When i switch views from external and then back in the VC, it takes a while for the PFD textures to load (about 3-4 seconds). when I switch back to the external view, often the airplane's skin will not load for a few seconds. I'd like to correct this, and I'm wondering if this is related to CPU speed, system memory, graphics memory, or hard drive speed? I'm thinking of getting an SSD, but only if it will help this situation. I'm running FSX with many add on packages (EZdok, orbix global, ASN, Rex textures, etc...) Thanks for the assistance, and thank you PMDG for creating such an incredible, realistic aircraft for FSX. Brian Andonian, R/W commercial pilot lic #2600156
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