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  1. Thank you for the link! But... This's not answering my question.
  2. While put your credit card somewhere far away...
  3. Thanks for the info. Really looking forward to, because the 600 is my favorite plane.
  4. Sorry, but what with the timing of the release 600/700...? Oleg Sunny
  5. The specs PMDG for 737NGX P3D : Simulator: P3D v3 and v4 Hardware: A Quad Core, 3.0 GHz or faster processor, 8 GB of RAM or higher, a high-performance, DirectX 11-capable video card with at least 4 GB of on-board, dedicated VRAM. Windows: Windows 10 64-bit (older OSes such as Windows XP may work, but we cannot guarantee compatibility or support)
  6. I'll try to put MSAA 2x, but little hope... I don't understand why the default model P3D can be used with dynamic lights and without dynamic lighting, and PMDG is not???
  7. MB ASUS Z-97-K/USB3.1, Intel Core i5 4690K 4.3 GHz, 16 Gb RAM, GeForce ASUS STRIX-GTX960-DC2-4GD5 4Gb, 2 SSD Sumsung EVO850 500 Gb, DELL 2560x1440 monitor. In the old version of P3D that the new v4 models from PMDG team at medium settings I was satisfied with everything. But in the new version v4 P3D when PMDG team tightly strapped the dynamic lighting, night flying became impossible because of the strong subsidence fps. Without dynamic lighting have a comfortable fps, but don't have external lights illuminating the ground.
  8. I would like to know what PMDG team thinks about those users who do not use the option "dynamic lighting". Why the team Prepar3D thought about the choice for users, and the team PMDG makes hard to use this option. In v4 P3D default aircraft models may work when the external lights illuminating ground when dynamic lighting is disabled. Why are we deprived of such a choice? Today experienced a new B737NGX 8900 assembly 1.20.8396. All the same. No external lights illuminating ground when dynamic lighting is disabled. Fps in the cockpit when you turn off dynamic lighting - about 50 fps, with on 5.7 fps!!! Is this normal???
  9. By the way, the default aircraft in P3D v4 present external lights illuminating ground when dynamic lighting is disabled. Why PMDG team does not give us a choice?
  10. Hello dear! I understand that paid not a lot of money to demand the fulfillment of all my wishes.But... Agree that the right decision for the PMDG team, if they gave us Simmern, choice. If anyone uses dynamic light, please, here such textures. Do not use - other textures. And there would be no problems. Frankly, I don't want to dance shamanic dances with a tambourine, changing MSAA and SSAA... Not all have top-end computers, and the product from PMDG is really nice and the bulk is very popular. Please, listen to us, the users of Your great product. And that is to fly only in the afternoon... Which is not good for us.
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