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  1. Alright I fixed it, I took a look at the actual Panel.cfg Files and the install for the actual 747-4/8 was corrupt and the entire panel.cfg text was missing. So I used the repair option from PMDG's installers and it fixed the problem! It works great now, thanks for trying to help.
  2. I literally searched every form and cant find a fix. Im on P3D V4.4, PMDG 747 QOTS 747-4/8 V1.5, (Latest Update.) I disabled UAC, disabled antivirus, tried running everything with admin, and reinstalled FS2Crew Multiple times with the Installer also ran as Admin, any ideas for a fix? Thanks in advance.
  3. Looks like Navigraph just released 1807 just as we speak, I installed it and everything is working fine. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  4. I use the latest Navigraph AIRAC, 1806. I installed it manually, sort of, once the installer for navigraph put in the AIRAC in a separate folder, I proceeded to extract that folder into the PMDG Navdata folder, and the AIRAC showed it was working, but it might have been corrupt. I will try re installing it to see if it helped.
  5. Ah okay, So I didn't put any route in at the moment, only put in the Departure and destination, and it says EGPH or LOWS that the RWY is N/A. I didn't use any external routing. -Dennis Iusmen
  6. In the NGX 737-800, every time I put the destination airport EGPH (UK2000 Edinburgh) and LOWS (Digital Design Salz), I get the message RWY (Insert here) N/A. How can I fix this. I am using the latest AIRAC from Navigraph, and I tried using makerunways.exe. I heard that you can fix this by deleting the Airport_Runways file in the Navdata folder for p3d....but I dont have a file like that in my Nav folder for p3d v4, any help?
  7. I installed new airports, LOWS (Digital Design Salz) and EGPH, (UK2000 Edinburgh), when inputting the Destination airport in the route page, a runway is shown saying that EGPH RWY (Insert here) N/A. Same story with LOWS. Any ideas on how to fix this? I use the PMDG 737-800 NGX. My AIRAC is up to date, (1806) and I tried using Makerunways.exe but that didn't work. So, any ideas? Thanks in Advance. -Dennis Iusmen
  8. Thank you for all your help, I just wanted to make sure. Christmas I am building a PC with some good specs and I'll transfer it over. Thank you! (Sorry for my bad english, It's not my native language)
  9. Ok....so It looks grim. I never expected to get a 30+ FPS, and I'm not new to flight simming, (I used FSX prior to this) but I will be new to P3D. So any tips I can use to get a decent 20-25 FPS?
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