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  1. Denni

    FMC Message: RWY (Insert Runway #) N/A

    Looks like Navigraph just released 1807 just as we speak, I installed it and everything is working fine. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  2. Denni

    FMC Message: RWY (Insert Runway #) N/A

    I use the latest Navigraph AIRAC, 1806. I installed it manually, sort of, once the installer for navigraph put in the AIRAC in a separate folder, I proceeded to extract that folder into the PMDG Navdata folder, and the AIRAC showed it was working, but it might have been corrupt. I will try re installing it to see if it helped.
  3. Denni

    FMC Message: RWY (Insert Runway #) N/A

    Ah okay, So I didn't put any route in at the moment, only put in the Departure and destination, and it says EGPH or LOWS that the RWY is N/A. I didn't use any external routing. -Dennis Iusmen
  4. In the NGX 737-800, every time I put the destination airport EGPH (UK2000 Edinburgh) and LOWS (Digital Design Salz), I get the message RWY (Insert here) N/A. How can I fix this. I am using the latest AIRAC from Navigraph, and I tried using makerunways.exe. I heard that you can fix this by deleting the Airport_Runways file in the Navdata folder for p3d....but I dont have a file like that in my Nav folder for p3d v4, any help?
  5. Denni

    Runway Error N/A FMC Message?

    Thank you, I'll try that.
  6. I installed new airports, LOWS (Digital Design Salz) and EGPH, (UK2000 Edinburgh), when inputting the Destination airport in the route page, a runway is shown saying that EGPH RWY (Insert here) N/A. Same story with LOWS. Any ideas on how to fix this? I use the PMDG 737-800 NGX. My AIRAC is up to date, (1806) and I tried using Makerunways.exe but that didn't work. So, any ideas? Thanks in Advance. -Dennis Iusmen
  7. Thank you for all your help, I just wanted to make sure. Christmas I am building a PC with some good specs and I'll transfer it over. Thank you! (Sorry for my bad english, It's not my native language)
  8. So I'll be able to get 20-25 FPS?
  9. So I wont be able to get a 20-25 FPS or?
  10. It looks grim. I never expected to get a 30+ FPS, and I'm not new to flight simming, (I used FSX prior to this) but I will be new to P3D. So any tips I can use to get a decent 20-25 FPS?
  11. I posted something similar before, but I didn't give detail. I want to know if my system can run P3D at a smooth FPS. PC: I7 6700K 8 Core 2.6 GHZ GTX 970M Add-Ons I plan to get: FTX Global PMDG 737 NGX Active Sky REX Aerosoft EDDF (Frankfurt) Taxi2Gate LFPG (Charles De Gaulle) FS2 Crew 737 NGX EZDOK V2 PTA Ultimate Traffic Live And P3D obviously So....hows it looking for my PC? Be honest.
  12. Whenever I try to run FSXSE it doesn't even boot to the menu screen and says that my graphics card is invalid. I have the GTX 970M. It was running fine before but this happened randomly. I check the CFG and checked it had my graphics card on it, and it did. I deleted the CFG, and rebooted, no success. I also deleted shaders and tried rebooting, didn't work. I even reinstalled all of FSX. Any ideas on how to fix this?