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    Farewell FSW

    Appreciated, it's been a really interesting journey. I'm personally just sad that FSW didn't make it to the point that SH and the other developers envisioned. Happy flying!
  2. For those of you who checked out the career mode beta for Flight Sim World, what do you think so far? What bugs have you found, what features would you like to see? How often would you see yourself flying in career mode? If you want to try out the beta, you can find instructions here.
  3. If you’re looking to get the most of our Tundra Tire and Amphibious Float additions to the PA-18 Super Cub then you need to check out The Last Frontier, a series of seven missions that will take you across the diverse and harsh Alaskan plains. You’ll be tasked with handling a variety of situations, including flying out of a busy non-controlled airport, dropping off fishing supplies at a remote lake, dealing with an emergency situation, and landing in a convey. Watch your instruments, stay alert and expect the unexpected. You can find out more about The Last Frontier on the store page.
  4. Looks sharp, always enjoy seeing the progress made on this :)
  5. Today marks the release of a feature we’re excited to see in Flight Sim World. Dynamic Weather v1 is a new weather setting that reads data from weather stations across the world and determines the conditions from METAR strings. If you want a more detailed break down in how it works then check out Stephen Hood’s post about Dynamic Weather here. How do I enable Dynamic Weather? Go into the Free Flight menu, you will find Dynamic Weather under the weather settings tab. Is Dynamic Weather finished? No, with version 1.0 of Dynamic Weather, the conditions develop around you and are not visible from a distance. You can see the weather developing, but there are no weather fronts. V1 has been about preparing the FSW engine and our Advanced Weather engine powers by trueSKY for the implementation of Live Weather. Our goal is to visualize multiple weather types in the same session, so w can have foreboding weather fronts for you to try to avoid. Let us know what you think about the implementation of Dynamic Weather.
  6. Flight Sim World is entering its second phase of development, and to celebrate its release, we've teamed up with Jetline Systems for a giveaway over at PC Gamer. There's an exciting prize up for grabs, a Jetline Systems Gravity GT2 Gaming PC worth over $2,500. The PC comes with a copy of Flight Sim World, and more than enough power to play it: an Intel 8th Gen Core i7 8700K CPU and an 8GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card. It will go to one lucky winner who fills out the form on the PC Gamer Website.
  7. Dynamic weather will use a dataset to alter conditions within the trueSKY environment to alter the weather based on time or travel. Live weather draws the current conditions in the real world and implements them within the simulator. That's my basic summary!
  8. Admittedly it's about half a gig! Don't forget that Dynamic Weather will be landing on the first of February.
  9. - Cross Posted from Steam - Hello everyone, It’s an exciting day for Flight Sim World as we launch Update 16, which features a number of avionic fixes, adjustments to the missions (based on your feedback), the introduction of two new variations of the Super Cub (who’s ready for an amphibious landing) and much more. Update 16 is also the first update in the second stage of the development of Flight Sim World, igniting the spark that will bring about Phase 2. We’ve got some exciting announcements to make about our plans for Phase 2, but those are better handled by executive producer, Stephen Hood (and he has done so here). There are some exciting announcements which we know you’re all going to love (did someone say dynamic weather?), so make sure to check it out. On with the notes for Update 16: Aircraft Added PA18 - SuperCub Amphibian to core aircraft Added PA18 - SuperCub Tundra to core aircraft All Improved appearance and clarity of gauge glass surfaces Improved appearance of windshield glass surfaces Keypad ‘5’ now centralizes all control surfaces, inclusive of elevators Localised cockpit tooltips for English, French and German Shift+L now restricted to toggling cockpit and panel lights Magneto states are now saved across flights Alternate air, carb heat and master device are now tied to engine device so that engines will no longer fail under cold weather conditions. Cockpit panel lights are now automatically applied/disabled on day->night transitions Reference speeds and contact points updated across the aircraft, with Accu-feel settings updated to match reference speeds. DA40 Improved raindrop windshield mapping Fix inconsistencies with mixture checks on Cold and Dark checklist. Updated 'POH' reference speeds. Prop animation corrected and appearance improved. ASI reference aligned with G1000’s readings. Player can now interact with Horizon Emergency Power switch Prop feather functionality added. Rear wheel contact points refined. Improved appearance of AP lights and buttons. Improved AO mapping on cockpit’s lower panel. DA42 Updated 'POH' reference data Added Gauge helper tooltips PA18 Improved LOD transitioning KX155 COM/NAV unit made compatible with C&D. Turn Indicator now compatible with failure feature. Strobe lights are now disabled if battery is OFF. Kohlsman operation corrected and calibrated. Improved smaller registration appearance. Click point added along lower door edge to aid with closing. Corrected gap in the rear of the lower door. PA28 Audio panel updated to allow keypresses. Analogue clock now shows correct time. Kollsman calibration improved for both InHG and MB scales. Turn Indicator now compatible with failure feature. Prevent GNS430 from being selected as a 2d panel. KN62 display adjusted to improve appearance. PA34 Audio panel updated to allow keypresses. Vacuum annunciator trigger point and flap annunciator logic refined. Contact points now allow for a gear up landing. Tweaked interior dome light to reduce nose reflections PA46 Alternator added to Cold and Dark checklist. Pitch trim wheel animation reversed. Updated 'POH' reference data. Audio panel functionality improved to allow for keypresses. DC Ammeter now shows correct value when hovered over. HDG knob mouse-wheel functionality corrected Fix autopilot needle oscillation when reaching target altitude. Resolved issue with landing lights LOD RV7 RV7A nose wheel steering restored. Improved raindrop windshield mapping AutoPilot - Heading and altitude hold now fully functional Audio panel functionality improved to allow for key presses Avionics G1000 Flight Director indicator added to PFD. NRST function now displays on first push of the NRST softkey. G1000 FPL text legibility improved. Annunciator box no longer expands height by itself. Clock display improvements. DA40 / DA42 - G1000 audio panel now functions. GNS430 DTO popup legibility improved. Map view restored. FPL screen decluttered. Proc and CDI buttons now consistent across 3d and 2d panels PROC page made clearer. PA34 - G500 and GNS530 CDI/ VLOC functions unified. G500/GNS530 GNS530 - FPL screen decluttered. GNS530 - DTO page cleaned up and 2D version now emulates 3D version. G500 and GNS530 CDI/ VLOC functions unified. GNS530 - PROC page made clearer. Aircraft pointer vertical offset now corrected for ‘North-up’ view M803 Chrono OAT readings corrected. KAP140/KFC225 If NAV signal is lost, AP regresses to HDG mode. AP - VS and ALT modes functionality corrected. HDG no longer cancels other modes. AP - HDG regress mode no longer forces NAV off when using GPS as nav source. KX155 Electrical failures now disable the LCD display. RDR2000 Now displays terrain and alert information (weather currently not supported) SYS55X AP - Value inputs aligned right so that they don't fall off the screen. AP - ALT mode pitch trim indicator now works correctly. Lessons/Missions Eagle Pilot School Lesson 2 - Emergency landing Fixed repeating VO at end of lesson Lesson 7 - Solo Cross-Country String added and code reworked to give the player a heading range to help them re-intercept the 061 radial Aligned altimeter to the lesson’s wind speeds. Tweaked realism settings to improve the playability of the landing conditions Wings Flight Academy Lesson 4 - Skills Test Rebalanced the difficulty of successfully achieving the first climb PPL 1 Prevented instructor claiming “fuel pump is on” while it’s actually off. PPL 2 Plane now starts trimmed LAPL2 Fixed instances of repeating VO dialogue MEP01 DA42 Checkout Fixed instances of AI plane spawning incorrectly Prevents instructor repeating if the player leaves controls MEP03 Fix for the rapidly alternating top bar text after a failure Cross Controlled Can no longer pass the mission when landing with landing gears up Time Pressure Aircraft now centred on runway at start Additional scenery polish added across mission Low and Slow Added a couple of extra point of interest to break up long sections; added 3 pieces of airborne AI traffic as well as 3 pieces of static AI traffic parked at the destination airport to add some life to the mission Short Hops Additional scenery polish added across mission UI The arrow keys, the Insert, Delete, Start, End, Page Up, Page Down keys as well as the Alt Gr key now produce the correct results in the settings menu. Loading screens updated Compass waypoint marker now flashes when the compass is shown and when the waypoint marker changes. Remove purple bar from Log window (but not ATC window) Antialiasing drop down strings changed to OFF/MSAA Engine Reduced pixelation artefacts seen intermittently with the sun at cloud edges. Resolved white and black ‘silhouetting’ seen intermittently with trees and mountains on the horizon Resolved instances of aircraft tail corruption seen intermittently when returning from the settings menu. Reduced aliasing on airport fences. Increased scene object texture cache size to reduce scene object pop-in Introduction of option to enable SSAO (defaults to ‘disabled’) Introduction of ‘borderless window’ display setting: An alternative for full-screen mode, running the title as a window but with top and bottom borders cropped. Default configs setup for CH PRODUCTS YOKE, Saitek X-56 Rhino HOTAS controllers Default configs setup for Saitek Yoke and rudders, Mad Catz Cyborg v1.0 controllers Default configs setup for X52 and X52 Pro. Fix crash seen in “wobbly cam” caused by infinitely increasing camera values when FPS is low. Resolved infrequent live lock seen when interacting with GDI panels Pausing game during cold and dark no longer resets the checklist Extended flight time system, to allow correct logging of flight times when loading saved flights Various localisation fixes Note: Existing owners experiencing issues with CH PRODUCTS YOKE, Saitek X-56 Rhino HOTAS controllers are advised to go into the controls menu and click "reset to defaults" on those controllers. That's it for Update 16, if you've made it this far without checking out Stephen Hood's post about what's next for Flight Sim World then we really recommend checking out his post.
  10. Onto a new stage of development, longer gaps, but more impactful updates. Starts today with Floats, Tundra + numerous fixes, continues into February with Dynamic Weather.
  11. - Just cross-posting this from our Steam forum- Hello everyone - some big news today (as I’m sure you’re all aware), I wanted to use this developer update post to talk in more detail about Flight Sim World moving onto Phase 2 of Development. Since our debut last May, we’ve introduced major updates (for example, Advanced Weather and our Cold + Dark implementation), and made over 500 bug fixes, tweaks and numerous other alterations based on your feedback. With the release of Update 16 today, we’ve squashed more bugs, adjusted the avionics and made numerous alterations to mission difficulty, all based on what you’ve been telling us. You can read the full update notes here, but in this post I really want to talk about what’s next for Flight Sim World. Flight Sim World has left Early Access and is now in Phase 2 of development! Whilst in Early Access we’ve been extending the underlying technology and working with select partners on the SDK. This has been released not only to developers, but made available to you. Our intention was always to cement a stable platform and come out of Early Access. It’s been a great environment in which to develop but, if truth be told, can all too easily become a comfortable home you never want to leave! We don’t want to get too comfortable. With that in mind, we’re switching our focus to some of our longer-term goals, meaning there won’t be as many quick updates, but instead more impactful changes and big feature additions. We’ve got a lot planned for 2018, including IFR implementation, expanding the core fleet of aircraft, improving the look of the world, live weather and my own personal pet project, improvements to ATC, to name just a few. I’ve said that I want to build a platform that will stand the test of time over the next 5 or 10 years. We’re not there yet, but the goal hasn’t changed and the journey we’re on together is far from over. This next stage of development is a necessary change of gear. So let me take a moment to answer a few questions I think you might have. Have you finished developing? No. We’ve got a suite of exciting updates planned for the sim and our entire small development team is in regular discussion about what we’d like to work on next. We’re eager to share that with you (and will discuss some of that below), but I just want to take a moment to stress how grateful myself and the team are for all your support thus far. The constructive feedback you’ve given us to date has been invaluable in helping to create this foundation for us to build upon and will continue to be a building block as we further expand the core simulator. It’s the beginning of a new phase, with less small updates, instead the delivery of larger features. About those features, what’s next? One of the most exciting things for us is seeing you all sink your teeth into our meatier updates. We want to deliver larger updates into core Flight Sim World package. So what’s coming in Phase 2? We’ve talked in the past about our work in Early Access as laying the foundations. If we take Advanced Weather as an example, the implementation of trueSKY was the foundation for where we want to take weather in Flight Sim World. It wasn’t easy, opting to integrate an altogether new system into FSW. We took that route because we believe the difference it makes is worth the challenge of implementation. It’s a disruptive approach, one designed to bring about necessary change. I hope you can already see, even at this early stage, the positive improvement it brings to the overall experience. What’s really important is where we take it next. Wouldn’t it be more exciting if you had to work around changing weather? So our next release will be adding dynamic weather into the simulator on February 1st. This forms the basis of the technology that will power the future implementation of Live Weather. Wait, did you just say live weather? Yes, and we can’t wait to see you what you think when the weather takes a turn for the worse or when the cloud breaks and you spot an opportunity to climb on top. The weather themes have been great, but it’ll be a whole lot more realistic as we mirror the unpredictability of the real world, complete with seasonal variation. That’s not all! We want to give you more options about what you fly in Flight Sim World, starting with the addition of two new variants of the PA-18 Super Cub. We’ve added the amphibious and tundra tyres versions today! So, if you’re looking to take off and alight on water, or tackle rougher terrain, you’ll be able to do so. We appreciate this isn’t the type of aircraft you’ve been specifically asking for (more on that below), but we wanted to release this to you as a thank you for being part of this ambitious journey. So what about the Long-Haul? No great simulator was built in a day, and we’ve got ambitious development goals. I wanted to share some of those with you here. One thing we’ve been working on a lot recently is bringing the first jet into Flight Sim World. This requires adding IFR functionality to the sim (something that’s been on our hitlist for a while). The first jet will have all the features necessary to allow novice, as well as experienced, simmers to get involved in instrument flight. We’ll dive into more specifics on that in a separate post on Steam and the Flight Sim World website in the near future. We’ll also be adding another new aircraft into the simulator, something that’s quite unlike anything you’ll have seen in Flight Sim World thus far. One of my personal long-term goals has always been to overhaul the ATC. I want to build an ATC that doesn’t take you out of the experience but rather gives you goosebumps. I’ve long felt that more complex aircraft, realistic weather, instrument flight and a modern ATC system would combine to provide that wow moment. In all honesty, I find radio comms one of the crucial elements of flight, even in light aircraft, that simply isn’t portrayed well enough in any flight simulator. That’s just an example of some of things we’re looking at from a developer perspective. What do you all think? That’s all for now. 2018 is going to be an amazing year for Flight Sim World and we’re eager to share more with you as we continue our endeavor to push the boundaries of flight simulation. Welcome to Phase 2. Oh, and one last thing. I previously mentioned two additions to the stock fleet of aircraft, starting with the jet and a ‘mystery’ aircraft. Of course, we haven’t forgotten about those of you who want bigger airliners and will have more to share on that later in 2018. Thank you for your support thus far, we want to deliver more for FSW in Phase 2 and beyond with larger updates, and we’ll keep you up to date here regularly. Steve Hood & The Flight Sim World Dev Team
  12. Since trueSKY has come up a lot in this thread (particularly those "snow" effects when you're at the bottom of the cloud layer. That is an issue that needs to be fixed, but we also described trueSKY as a foundation for what we want to implement into the simulator. With the foundation set, we can focus on clearing up those bugs (altitude is another that comes to my mind) and taking trueSKY to the next level within the simulator. Since we're working with Simul on trueSKY, it can make things take time. So when the next update to trueSKY comes, we'd rather go big than release small incremental updates. That's just my example ^_^
  13. If I recall the ASA changed the rules, and any paid content must be disclosed to the viewers. You could avoid it, but the fallout for being on the wrong side of these things with some video game YouTubers would make it high risk for low reward.
  14. Youtubers have to state when they're paid to create content. It was really refreshing to see Froogle enjoying himself in the sim (and him failing the mission a couple of times made me feel better about my flying).
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