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  1. VirtualPilot1460

    747F Engine Failure

    There is no axis attached to any fuel management on my setup for PMDG flew into EGCC no issues so I'm guessing a blip
  2. VirtualPilot1460

    747F Engine Failure

    There you go
  3. VirtualPilot1460

    747F Engine Failure

    I am flying tomorrow from KBOS to EGCC (providing I don't get an OOM - still using FSX:SE) hopefully the engines will behave I ran a few tests again today at KBOS gates, 100% no mixture axis set on FSUIPC or in the FSX controls section (cleared to use FSUIPC) I have separate profiles set for aircraft, (i.e., PMDG, Airbus and general) and the engines didn't fail or react to anything other than throttle, reverser, TO/GA and A/T. Will see what tomorrow brings I'm starting to think it was a genuine blip - makes is seem bit more real. Kudos to PMDG, even if unintentional blip
  4. VirtualPilot1460

    747F Engine Failure

    Checked my axis on fsuipc and as I thought on the PMDG setup I don't have mixture axis assigned and if I did it wouldnt say fail it would say shutdown and it would affect all engines
  5. VirtualPilot1460

    747F Engine Failure

    ENG 3 FAIL and ENG 4 FAIL
  6. VirtualPilot1460

    747F Engine Failure

    I will look but I can't see that being an issue as I only lost 3 and 4 and I don't mapany buttons using fsuipc
  7. VirtualPilot1460

    747F Engine Failure

    Last night I flew my new 747ERF from KPAE to KBOS, flight time little over 5hours non stop and the aircraft flew beautifully and all flight tests and controls tests went well. The aircraft descended and latched onto the ILS for 22L no problem, I disconnected the AP and manually flew from 1500ft to the runway, this is where I had the problem. The aircraft banked right uncommanded I scanned the EICAS and ENG 3 and 4 in yellow and I watched the guages wind down I kicked the rudder left to cancel out the YAW action of engines 1 and 2. I landed with 2engines as I didn’t have enough speed, time or hight or go around, pulling off onto a taxyway I checked the QRH and restarted 3 and 4 with no issues and taxied to the stand with 4 engines. Anybody have any idea why or how this happened, I have flown the aircraft countless times the only thing I can think off is becuase I have just repainted an aircraft I may not of reset the engine run timers and it may of been a genuine failure, but they did restart with no issues.. Thoughts
  8. VirtualPilot1460

    Problems with ORBX England and UK2000 Manchester

    Sorry to hijack this thread but it's kind of related but can you guys help me out with this.... i have changed the scenery options till I'm blue in the face but I can't work out why there is a mis alignment...... Any body seen this issue??????
  9. Im sure this is an open and closed case i am currently touring europe in a carenado pc12 but everytime there are scattered clouds i get bonced arond all over the place to the point i cant adjust radios or autopilot bugs........ id rather not turn down ASN settings as the settings are fne for the heavies....or is it a config issue for individual aircraft?? Nath
  10. VirtualPilot1460

    Fsx:se upgrade question

    I have just blown away my boxed fsx install to try fsx:see and currently reinstalling my addons but I have obviously seccumbed to the realityxp issue with se. Now I understand (after the fact) that the 'legacy version is not compatable with the steam version.... But as my powers of searching are failing me at the moment I was wondering if there is an upgrade path....... Or a discount for those that do own a copy rather than spending £45 again to get a working copy...... If not then so be it I will need to wait a little till I can squeeze the purchase past the other half.... Regards
  11. VirtualPilot1460

    Increasing the Garmin's start up time?

    Ha sorry I didn't look at the date
  12. VirtualPilot1460

    Increasing the Garmin's start up time?

    Hi do you still have the edited values to increase the 'boot' time? TIA
  13. VirtualPilot1460

    Error creating child window

    Testing complete. Right as rain :)
  14. VirtualPilot1460

    Error creating child window

    ok i will venture to upgrade this week