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  1. Still love the product but seems to be a little hit and miss again, currently flying my GA Flights as Conquest G-BLPS on my initial call to a controller giving my full callsign/reg used to work before using just Conquest LPS now the system will not pick it up in fact it transcripts part of it as popeye see you.... No idea trying to work out what it thinks i said for popeye to come up as it works out papa..... also is there a command to say to get dirrect to a route waypoint.... ie Direct to waypoint ONBED? thanks
  2. I know there are a few topics with the same issue, although I can't find any with the version I have ( So I am hoping you can help I've got the log file from yesterdays flight where it happened, it's happened a few times. Background When I fly Albeao's Conquest II aircraft the ATC program doesn't seem to instruct a descent, it did it when I flew into Seattle and Alaska in the PMDG 747.... I had to initiate the decent on my own but none came from ATC.
  3. Hmmmmm will have to try that - thanks for the tip
  4. Is there anyway to substitute Gate for stand, when I ask to go to gate 5 for example the program interprets as eight five - then issues taxi instructions back to the runway, i fell stand would work better
  5. Since yesterday in the Spanish area all my controllers read my callsign as example below - no idea what to change if anything or weather the voices have messed up, yo will respond to phonetic but no speak in it. Example (Me) SKYWAYS Uniform Kilo Victor 1460 .................... Then I am told to repeat with correct callsign and the controller will get it it eventuall but replys like (Controller) SKYWAYS U K V 1460.................... Has some thing changed I have
  6. I thought so are there any plans to bring that support to the program in the future?
  7. Today I was flying back to the UK from Mallorca (for Christmas) I throttled up the engines of the Premier 1A and got a bonging (was my flaps set too far). So I called ATC for an aborted Takeoff and got nothing back. I gather there is no abort command or I had the phrase wrong, I hope that it there will be more features in the future I love this program
  8. Turned that up also will try again and then head to D.D
  9. no I checked and re-ren the installer. I have set the auto gen to extremely dense (didnt change mesh complexity). Nothing in the manual and according to all the reveiws and iamages on the site it looks like a model is included but i cant find it
  10. Hello I'm hoping someone can help me out, I have Washington X from Drzewiecki Design and currently set at Andrews Air Force Base for a flight home tomorrow but I cannot see Air Force 1 on the tarmac the limos are there but no aircraft, anybody help
  11. Dave, I'd just like to say thank you for this amazing program finally I've found someething boosts the realism factor no end. I truly hope to see features like diverts, maydays and where can I get male ATC voices.
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