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  1. Hi guys, Please help me, I've made a basic hanger for installation into FSX and more importantly to be adding ON TOP of UK Scenery for EGNH (Blackpool), It's for my flight operations and I was looking to have custom scenery. I've successfully managed to add test textures and import the COLLADA file to ModelConverter X before using the Convert and Place wizard and put in the location lat and long before converting to get the BGL and textures in the required folders...... When I add it to the scenery libaray and go to where it should be I cant find it or even see it and it's deffinately added, moving the scenery to the sea or away from the airfield also does not show any addition. Open to any advice
  2. Do you still have this paintkit file that you are willing to share please :)
  3. Hello I hope this helps many of you out there as possible!!! I'm sure many of you have the Logitech/Saitek x56 HOTAS system and I wonder if you have had issues with both throttles moving (in aircraft or calibration screen) when you move lever 1 or lever 2 not showing any movement etc? If you have then I am hoping I have the solution you need..... FIRSTLY IF YOUR UNIT IS IN WARRANTY I'D REPLACE IT if not carry on below Steps to fix 1. Remove the 15 screws from the unit and place somewhere safe with the bottom panel 2. You can (for ease and diagnositics) leave the quadrant plugged in USB voltage is 5v. 3. On lever 1 - the shorter of the two there is a slider lock you need to trace the BROWN wire in the inside 4. Once brown wire has been found inspect for brakeage, 5. Strip the brown wires and join the wire together and test the levers they should now work without issue the bar can still be used to lock the throttles together I believe there is an issue with the wires braking after a long time of usage, rather than using a simple bar it seems Logitech/Saitek has installed a sensor to lock out twin lever inputs, this sensor is the cause of the issues I had
  4. I've decided to pull this bird out on my storage yard, but i'm looking to repaint it too - Does anyone still have the Paintkit?
  5. Evening to the master race of programmers!!! Hope someone can help me out I'm looking at creating a live flight map for my website. the is linked to FSX via simconnect and displays the flight progress via a webpage.... I know this can be done as a VA I fly with has such a map, obviously they are not keen on helpping me out......... I know the language is C++ but I dont have the first clue on how to start, so I'm hoping either someone could design such a feature or help me learn how to do it......
  6. For my own tracking I use navigraph, i'm looking for something I can show process on a webpage
  7. Hello Pilots, Programmers and geniuses, I'm hoping someone can help me on a project I'm looking at starting. When I'm not flying for a Virtual Airline I'm flying my own fleet on charter flights and I was curious about live flight tracking that can display the flight track and details on a webpage. I spoke to the IT team at the VA but they obviously wasn't willing to divulge their tracker secrets with me, so I'm looking at creating my own application from the ground up, I've installed VS2019 and I understand that its C++ (never used it).... I have also got the SDK (well what comes with SE edition (I can get the original SDK if needed). I would appreciate anyone that can offer their help or even co-author with me
  8. Good Evening, It's been a while since I posted her but wondering if someone can shed some light. I have a website based around my flying on FSX-SE and I'm looking to track my flights via a live map on my site. Something that I can click a button to track and it appears. The VA I also fly for has some thing like that for their flights but it's proprietory. Any advice Nathan
  9. Still love the product but seems to be a little hit and miss again, currently flying my GA Flights as Conquest G-BLPS on my initial call to a controller giving my full callsign/reg used to work before using just Conquest LPS now the system will not pick it up in fact it transcripts part of it as popeye see you.... No idea trying to work out what it thinks i said for popeye to come up as it works out papa..... also is there a command to say to get dirrect to a route waypoint.... ie Direct to waypoint ONBED? thanks
  10. I know there are a few topics with the same issue, although I can't find any with the version I have ( So I am hoping you can help I've got the log file from yesterdays flight where it happened, it's happened a few times. Background When I fly Albeao's Conquest II aircraft the ATC program doesn't seem to instruct a descent, it did it when I flew into Seattle and Alaska in the PMDG 747.... I had to initiate the decent on my own but none came from ATC.
  11. Hmmmmm will have to try that - thanks for the tip
  12. Is there anyway to substitute Gate for stand, when I ask to go to gate 5 for example the program interprets as eight five - then issues taxi instructions back to the runway, i fell stand would work better
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