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  1. Fsx:se upgrade question

    I have just blown away my boxed fsx install to try fsx:see and currently reinstalling my addons but I have obviously seccumbed to the realityxp issue with se. Now I understand (after the fact) that the 'legacy version is not compatable with the steam version.... But as my powers of searching are failing me at the moment I was wondering if there is an upgrade path....... Or a discount for those that do own a copy rather than spending £45 again to get a working copy...... If not then so be it I will need to wait a little till I can squeeze the purchase past the other half.... Regards
  2. Increasing the Garmin's start up time?

    Ha sorry I didn't look at the date
  3. Increasing the Garmin's start up time?

    Hi do you still have the edited values to increase the 'boot' time? TIA
  4. Error creating child window

    Testing complete. Right as rain :)
  5. Error creating child window

    ok i will venture to upgrade this week
  6. Error creating child window

    THad this issue been gixed i ended up blowing away windows 10 and starting again before the latest update, bit cautious ti reapplying the update.....
  7. Error creating child window

    Yep I can agree, just flown a Cheiften from Nuuk, Greenland to Keflavik and on touch down "BING" Error - Thats 3hours - will need to start testing again :(. Although if you load up a 'less complex' aircraft and switch to PMDG (if you can get the dialogue open you can unground the aircraft
  8. Error creating child window

    Remember Guys, There are millions of Win 10 configurations with their own unique setups, just give it time and keep updating :) Stay Strong :)
  9. Error creating child window

    Yep!!! I figured as much I'm updated and ready to kick the tyres this weekend
  10. Error creating child window

    Hi Guys, Hopefully it's been fixed by MS - breifly ran FSX after installing KB4051963 - Cumulative Update for Win 10. I can access all the main dialog boxes without a restart of FSX - testing this weekend :) please advise if you have any joy :)
  11. Error creating child window

    Its an OS issue.... so i assume eventually will fix, the trick is to preset everything up so you dont need to open dialogs to change anything
  12. Error creating child window

    Cumulative update for Win10 (Creators Fall Update) (KB4048955) - Hopeful this will fix issues. Will install reboot and report.... NOPE :(
  13. Error creating child window

    Do we roughly know when the patch will oll out as i thought today is patch Tuesday... saying that can anyone confirm if setting FSX to run on compatibility mode to windows 7 will fix the issue... i cant roll back because i stupidly cleared the restore files and only backed up after the delation...... lesson learnt
  14. 'Safest' VFR routes through the Middle East

    Thunking of starting a blog project for flight simmers to post vast flights of this type .... thoughts
  15. 'Safest' VFR routes through the Middle East

    Thanks thats the choice I took. I will heading to Sharm and then into Saudi