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  1. So as I understand there is no interaction for an aircraft going to an UNCONTROLLED facility under IFR conditions in order to land..... I cant see it in the manual - thinking what if I swap to FSX ATC (but thinking that will cause a traffic issue)
  2. Sorry to add, would is there any interaction for IFR flights to uncontrolled airfeild after I have added an approach frequency?
  3. Ah ok I will look into this as I travel to remote airfeilds :) Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm currently on a round the world flight and have had to adjust my route to avoid China and major COVID-19 areas and have been pushed to fly my Cheyanne to Micronesia and via Midway to America. I was flying from WAPP to PTRO. PTRO is a small airfield with a unicom frequency of 123.60 according to RCv4. During my decent to my destination I had my IFR cancelled and diverted back to VFR (in IMC conditions) I had to decent further below the cloud base and fly off my gps and land with no comms. Any reason for the mid-flight cancellation, should be able to switch to unicom/or centre if that happens.
  5. Hello Fellow Pilots, I am currently on a round the world flight, and my journey has brought me to Jakarta, as this is a region I have never flown in I am looking to visit the Volcano that almost brought down BA Flight 9 in 1982, I have found the Coordinates but I cannot find a way to enter a custom waypoint into a 530. Any help would be appreciated Keep safe and happy landings Virtual Pilot
  6. Hey Guys, I will be reporting back in a couple of weekends away
  7. Hi Whamil77,

    I'm interested in the mod you have made for the Carenado Cheyenne II. My email is virtualpilot@outlook.com





  8. Hey Guys, Just a quick question.... I am looking to head out on a test flight with RC4 - my go to ATC program from GA aircraft and I will be taking off from Blackpool (EGNH) and heading up and around Scotland and the north-east and then returning back to EGNH starting under IFR. My question is will RC4 behave properly and vector me onto the 'filed' route, or will it copy the default and see that I'm close to my destination and vector me straight back? Thoughts?
  9. i dont recall hearing an altimeter check but ok thanks 🙂
  10. Ah yes was a Flight Level - FL120 and FL090 - now you mention it I think the TL was 7000 I was inbound to LFAT from LSGS
  11. Hi Guys corrently flying with RC4 and instructed to descend to an altitude, when I get to the requested altitude I still get told to descend to the altitude I'm at causing me to 'bust' my altitude even though my instruments and QNH is all set correctly..... any thoughts?>
  12. It is possible to fix this 'glitch' I have tested it on the Carenado Seneca V. There seems to be a border on the display of the guage although it works perfect.
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