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  1. I’m sure if it were this simple it would’ve been done ages ago. RSR isn’t one to let an issue stay unresolved if it’s a simple fix and the fact that it hasn’t even fixed is a clear indication of how complex the problem appears to be.
  2. There is a fix, to resave your panel state, but it isn’t a permanent one. At least, that’s the last fix I read, maybe it doesn’t work anymore.
  3. Hmmm, there has to be a reason for it if they did in fact remove it. Maybe Kyle or Chris could give us an insight if they happen to stumble in here.
  4. Many people never get to this realization and just assume PMDG ignores them. PMDG will get you taken care of in a jiffy!
  5. So will each month have one of their faces across the top?
  6. No one wanted the DC-6 either but we got that anyway Kidding of course. Please don’t ban me Robert, I didn’t mean it
  7. TFDI may be your best bet for an MD-11. Welcome to the forum! Do note that PMDG require full names to be signed on all posts, first and last.
  8. As am I. I’m not going to buy into a product that has major issues at this point.
  9. Interesting, don’t see why I’d want to though unless it could link to the sim itself.
  10. Well played! Hope you enjoy the 747, she’s a beauty!
  11. Could you provide a screenshot of the issue? Upload it to an image hosting site like imgur and insert the link into your post.
  12. A direct wire of the funds is preferred, Boeing wouldn’t want you charging back that amount of cash now would they? They have some undelivered -8s sitting around, so you could probably get it for a lot less than $280 million if you’re a shrewd negotiator.
  13. First, reverse thrust won’t engage with the nose in the air if autothrottle is active. Disconnect it and you should be good there. Are the auto brakes disarming upon touchdown or just flat out not engaging? I recall autobrake won’t actually take full effect until the nosewheel is down. You shouldn’t be holding the nose in the air long enough for this to be a problem deceleration wise, though.
  14. Personally, I’d just go with a clean install of P3D on the new machine and bother with transferring files over. Delete your existing P3D install and do a clean, fresh install of v4 on the new system. That’d be the easiest, and most pain free, way to do it. Is that what you were asking? Full names in the forums please, first and last.
  15. The only way I know of is to get the number of addon.xml files under 35. Maybe @scandinavian13 could help you some more?