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  1. You know better than to ask this ;). Jokes aside, we’ll get a glimpse into their timeframe once it enters beta and the testers have had a chance to break, I mean test, things for a while. Until then, only PMDG know the timeline.
  2. Aerosoft Heathrow Professional APPHANG

    Only one BGL is active after checking.
  3. Aerosoft Heathrow Professional APPHANG

    Not running any traffic programs. Heathrow Professional doesn’t use addon.xml so it didn’t show up in the addons cfg file. I also checked the scenery cfg itself and it was only in there once as it should be.
  4. I just reinstalled my sim and now whenever I try and spawn at Heathrow, the sim will run for a few seconds then stop responding. Event viewer says it’s an apphang, event id 1002. It worked perfectly before reinstalling, and I’ve tried asking on Aerosoft’s forums to no avail. Ran the installer as admin, uninstalled and reinstalled several times, restarted the computer, tested different aircraft and it all has the same result. Any ideas on how to solve this would be much appreciated.
  5. PMDG moving to own forum platform

    I assume it’ll be similar to what TFDi, FSL, and Orbx have set up, mainly a support forum and general discussion about their products.
  6. What's next for PMDG?

    His post had the word FSL in it, hence the necessary approval.
  7. What's next for PMDG?

    Not at the level of PMDG though.
  8. What's next for PMDG?

    You know what, that could be a real possibility. Obviously just a theory here, but it’d make sense for their next aircraft to be a 787. The 787 is a massively complex aircraft, referred to the Airbus of Boeing’s in terms of complexity if that makes sense, so it’s possible that PMDG are breaking it down into small chunks to make it a bit easier, such as the engines on the 747-8 and some of the cockpit systems on the unannounced 737 Max. This way they have 2 more products to refine their technologies, knock out a few major components of the 787 while having revenue streaming in, all in preparation for a 787. That’s really the only plane I can see PMDG doing after the -8 and the Max, unless RSR decides to do a CSeries/EJet or a 757 or 767. Again, just a theory.
  9. AirBridgeCargo 747-400ERF request

    Nevermind, I found one by Goldstar Textures!
  10. 747-400ERF ABC livery?

    I found one finally, by Goldstar Textures!
  11. 777F shaking during pushback with GSX

  12. 747-400ERF ABC livery?

    That’s a BCF livery I’m afraid, thanks for the suggestion though.
  13. Any ideas?

    Nevermind, same issue with the 747. Anyone have any other ideas for troubleshooting?
  14. Bringing autogen sliders down would do it for sure, but other than that turning down the LOD a notch or two would make a sizeable difference. Hope this helps!
  15. What's next for PMDG?

    I'm sure it'll happen, possibly even as soon as the -8 but that remains unclear at this time.