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  1. Hi, so I just installed the boxed edition of FSX so me and my friend can do shared cockpit (He doesn't have steam). We both have the gold edition + the acceleration pack installed. So I made my own LAN server, portfowarded it and all that good stuff, and he can join the session and get into the cockpit with me. But every time I (I'm the host) do something in the cockpit it takes a good three minutes for it to show up for him. Yet when he does something it shows up almost instantly for me. Does anybody know why this could be? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I've seen this aircraft is discounted to only 10 dollars on their site! Is this aircraft still worth the buy despite its age. I am aware it would not be compatible with P3D V4, which is the exact reason I still have an install of FSX:SE Laying around. Also is there any major bugs which I might want to look out for? I'm mainly eyeing down this aircraft for FSEconomy, as it is a very useful aircraft there.
  3. Oh, right. I knew POSKY and SkySpirit were the same thing and I have the V5 Version of the 767 so does that mean I have the newest FDE?
  4. Hi. I'm looking for an FDE for the POSKY 767. I know there is one made for FS2002(!) but I was wondering if there was a newer one that anybody knew about. Thanks.
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