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  1. WOW! Looks great! Do you use PTA or something like that?
  2. Roger that! No haha, I'm not that person from Aerosoft airbus (I'm not friend of airbuses) Thanks!
  3. Hello! My friend and I wanted to buy this aircraft, But we want to do only one purchase and have it shared. Is it possible?
  4. I think it's already accurate
  5. Why would you put an aircraft at the hangar just because it doesn't have a painkit? lol
  6. Roger that, Thanks to both of you! looking forward to purchase
  7. Aserca Airlines Insel Air Avianca Spanair PAWA Dominicana Aeropostal Iberia
  8. Is this normal? (those grey clouds) https://gyazo.com/b86997ee6fd46f4d155304d437b60028
  9. Agreed with all of you guys! I really want a PMDG 757!! Cheers! Santiago Perez
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