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  1. Anyone has a PFD or the suite for sale... ?
  2. Even 2020 will be the best VFR sim, X-plane will still be used a lot prior and during the transition time before 2020 is fully fledged.... Like now X-plane is important for my pilot training.... love x-plane...
  3. R.I.P. to him. Hopefully medical certification process could be more capable of "suggesting" some pilots taking a career break...
  4. Overall the history is the moving forwards, I don't envy the air traveller like 50 years ago, today we have something they don't have then, in terms of traveling, flying VFR nowadays in small airplanes is much more relaxing and convenient than before, at least we have foreflight, etc... 🙂
  5. Couldn't agree with you more, Rob. btw, anyone heard someone been chosen for the Alpha 1 testing, yea I am not chosen....
  6. Good stuff for flight school... definitely overkill for home use.... not necessary... unless you're going for ATP
  7. Before MSFS 2020 next year, I would just enjoy P3D and X-plane with Orbx for VFR purposes, works just fine.
  8. Recently I watched few Korean war movies that are very touching....
  9. By the way, is there a "control stick" type of yoke available in the market, for tailwheel?
  10. Need your suggestions on finding a cub/taildragger for either P3D V4 or X plane, any recommendation?
  11. Sorry! I was just asking.... transfer of ownership of a legal product.... was not sure if it's transferable or not.... I of course wanted to do everything legally, not in any way violation of piracy... I won't ask anything like that anymore. Apologize!
  12. Anybody think of selling the turbine V2? I want to buy for $100.00 PM me please!
  13. Right, VC always works better for me, I don't use popup at all. And we don't turn on AP on ground, otherwise the AP starts to follow Flight Director, mess up take-off.... I think. BTW, thank you so much Bert for sending me your app. I will install it this weekend. Bert, can I ask what autopilot logic did you change, so it behaves different than the original AP? Don't tell me the changes are documented in some readme in installation folder :) I haven't looked and installed it yet, but will soon... :)
  14. I use steam version, tried to find how to repair SP2, Acceleration for steam version so I don't have to reinstall, don't think I can do it because there is no CD.... so is that right we can't repair steam version? It's for the BEX error, but finally I got the BEX fixed, no need to repair the packs anymore, so fixing BEX can be done without repair the packs if we do everything in CTD guide, plus WideAspectView and HighMemfix, plus DEP turned off.... Turned off DEP before Wide and High fix, doesn't help, so I think it's the Wide and High fix that did the trick, FOR MY CASE.
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