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  1. It may work for others, but it did not for me. I followed the steps given and still came across issues, listened to solutions, implemented them, and it still did not work correctly. After being able to get it into the plane I ran into extremely high GPU usage, which there is not a solution for, and the screen was so bright it was hard to read it even after changing the brightness in the GTN and the files. It opened up a host of other issues that I just did not want to continue dealing with... I stated my mindset on this earlier, I am not a fan of buying something, figuring out it does not work for me, then having to fix it myself, that simply is not what I paid for. I would be happy if it did work correctly, obviously I thought it was worth my money but then it became a headache and starting devouring my time, time isn't free and it never comes back. I just don't have time to mess with this that much. "there are multiple posts on the RXP forums describing in some detail how to implement the new gauges into A2A planes in P3D" I tried these methods and while it did "work" it did not work properly and caused other problems, worse problems that would take WAY more time to fix, if they even could be fixed. When I do decide to fly in my sim I really don't want to pop open the $50 GPS I paid for, not be able to read the screen, see it staying eternally on (like when the power is off), see weird artifact lighting on the outside of the plane which wasn't there before, and watch the screen stutter like crazy because it is eating my GPU. I am thankful that people were willing to help, but at the end of the day customers should not have to go through this, while everyone with an A2A aircraft that bought this may have not had as many issues as me, they all had to install it themselves. I know that is not right, not how a business should run, and someone on the development end should remedy this before they start losing more customers because it is not our job to fix something that was paid for to work, at least add to the website that it is not compatible with certain aircraft! All I saw was that it works with P3D, read a quick post on how it works in A2A planes, but failed to find out that I would have to do it all myself. Needless to say that is not how I wanted to spend my weekend. Some people can think I am being negative, rude etc. I can assure you that is not the case, I am just someone who doesn't have the time to deal with things like this, don't like having to fix things I paid for that should work, and think that someone, not customers, should fix these issues before selling a product and at the very least let it be known on the website what it is compatible with. I am a very pro consumer/business minded person and I buy products with this mindset. I understand that while the product itself is fine, and that A LOT of work went into developing it (I know that takes hundreds if not thousands of hours of hard work), it would be nice if Reality XP at least had a statement on their website on how it is not compatible with these aircraft out of the box, and A2A needs to work with them to make an implementation for it, I am quite frankly not happy with them either on this and wont buy any of their products until this is fixed. thanks all for the help and have a nice day, Easton
  2. "I am not sure after 20 years on this site that I have witnessed such a string of negative posts from someone arriving here." most people wanting support are already in a negative mood, otherwise everything would be fine and no support would be needed. I doubt I would have fixed this by now as it has opened up a host of other issues...namely GPU usage skyrocketed and weird artifact lighting in my plane that I don't recall being there before the installation. That is not negativity, that is called realism. It is a fact that this product is not working, and it is a fact that I paid for something that does not, and will not function correctly and essentially has no compatibility. I came here to figure out why it was not working and how to fix it, but it infuriates me that it has to be fixed in the first place. When I buy something I expect it to work period, I also expect the product to be finished, this is not a finished product. If you read my recent posts I stated that I was still having issues and I really don't want to deal with all of this, I said that the last thing that I want to do is come home after spending my $50 and devote hours of my time fixing something that should work fine, I go to school over full time, drive 60 miles one way to school everyday, then work another 20 hours a week, I don't really want to deal with stuff like this, if that is negativity so be it. At my age and in school $50 is at least 5-7hours of work, I decided to spend that on a GPS system for my sim and NOT fiddle with it for that many hours worth of time. Heck, so far I have spent at least 10 hours messing with this. It is frustrating. I understand people are being helpful, and I am indeed thankful for that and said so, but there should be information readily available stating that A2A aircraft are not compatible, instead it simply lists FSX, P3D compatibility, on top of that after quickly searching around I found a couple of posts saying it did work with A2A, but I did not know it meant manually installing it myself. It would be like if I built a computer, and my a 3D modeling program that I depend on says it supports AMD GPUs, then I buy a AMD GPU, but guess what? Turns out they don't support that particular GPU...Then I just wasted $1000 and they tell me I have to fix it myself. This aside, thankfully Flight1 accepts refunds and I got a refund for the product, I don't want to deal with having to stress out about fixing it and take time away from other more important things in my life like school. Then I would have to do this for 2 other aircraft and probably have to continue to troubleshoot. Not what I paid for. I understand that A2A is like a slug and wont integrate this system into their aircraft and that's a shame, but someone needs to iron this out and it is not going to be me, its going to have to be Reality XP. I know developing is a pain and stuff like this happens, but customers should not have to deal with the headache, they don't pay for that. To all that were helpful, thanks, and hopefully A2A and others fix this, make it fully compatible, make installers for it and fix bugs, then I will buy it again but as for now I will just wait until then.
  3. I am going to completely clean install everything this next week. I am having issues all of the sudden with the A2A lighting as well, the strobes on the outside of the aircraft are flashing black. I don't know what the issue is, but I don't remember having stuttering, flashing black strobes, gpu usage at 100% before installing the GTN. Also, I tried putting the brightness at -100 and it stayed the same... Next week when I go through this monstrosity of flight sim files, installing everything, I am going to test it before I install the GTN and see what happens. I am not liking having to do all of this myself when it should be compatible... I'm in 18hrs of college, spending a lot of time out of college learning and working, I sometimes have time to fly in my sim and have waiting for the GTN 750 for months, then after installing it and going through all of this it is taking up my time. I guess I will have to put everything on hold for a week and if it still does not work wait until it is fully compatible then buy it.
  4. I know P3D is mostly CPU dependent, but I have a AMD Fury 1000mhz 4gb HBM GPU, anI5 6600k CPU running at 4.5ghz, 16gb of RAM and the sim is on an SSHD now instead of an SSD. I get 50-60fps at 4k resolution nearly all of the time, I have textures maxed, the water on low, terrain shadows off, and the rest is pretty much maxed out, FXAA instead of MSAA. I am getting the same FPS but now the GPU usage goes to 100%, without the GTN 750 it stays around 60% or so, but now it spikes like crazy causing stuttering, and it is definitely the GTN 750, I tested it last night and decided it couldn't be anything else after turning it off and not seeing 100% GPU usage. I know my GPU is not the best on the market right now, but it should not be running at 100% because of a small screen in a virtual cockpit, my PDMG and other aircraft run fine. And when I flew the weather was clear.
  5. What could be done about the GPU usage? It is skyrocketing to 100% then plummeting to half that every few seconds, it has not done this before and it is making my sim stutter.
  6. Also, I am not sure this is the culprit, but it is likely, my GPU usage went to 100% in P3D. That has never happened before, the GPU spikes to 100, stays there, then drops to 30 and does this constantly, I turned off the GTN 750 and GPU usage went to 50-75%, that high of usage made P3D a stutter mess.
  7. Thanks for helping, really. I just am still not sure about the GTN 750. Is there a fix for when the aircraft is off, and to make it turn on when the aircraft power turns on? When I go into the aircraft it is already on, but I cant physically change anything on it, so it is supposed to be off like all of the other avionics. That kind of kills the realism. Also, why is the 2d version better lit and have richer, more realistic colors? For instance the green on the 2d version is dark green, and the VC version is way too brightly lit even after dialing it down 10%. I like it, but at the same time it is not a seamless, finished product, I had to manually install those files, and I assume it is not compatible with the other aircraft I have unless those same files can also be used on them, and if they cant then I can only use it in one aircraft. I read that it was compatible with the A2A aircraft and bought it, I did not know it was not fully compatible and I don't know if it will ever be updated by A2A and Reality XP to actually reinstall it in these aircraft the right way. I have been simming for a while and have seen many developers take their precious time on things that you would imagine should get done in a day, I am not sure if I will be left hanging around waiting for something that will never happen.
  8. I don't know, I am probably going to just try to get a refund regardless, the lighting is horribly messed up and 10x brighter than it should be, and I paid for something that is not even compatible with any of my aircraft, sure I got it installed in my Comanche but that does not justify $50, then bad lighting and I think it started causing weird performance issues. The developers from either A2A or Reality XP should have fixed this by now, it should have not been released without having full compatibility. I can not put it inside my Cessna or Cherokee and I don't want to have to do it manually, this fix is just a band aide and knowing that doesn't make me happy.
  9. How do I setup a center key for TrackIR in ChasePlane? I have setup my other keys but not TIR so my head moves a little and then the whole flight is screwed up... Thanks, Easton
  10. I have it setup correctly, thanks The only issue is screen brightness, I had to go into P3D settings and put the Bloom to 0 from 0.8 because anything higher than zero and I cant see it, how could I fix this? Because without bloom the sim is depressing looking
  11. Right as I was typing this I found the A2A files! It turned out to be in my F drive, I have over 4TB of HDDs and SDDs and forgot I had previously moved all of my scenery and simulator to my Y drive, I guess somehow A2A got left behind. So all I have to do is copy those two files and put them where they are supposed to go? If this works then how would I do the same thing with the other A2A aircraft? Because my main aircraft is the Piper Cherokee but for the meantime if it works in the Comanche then I am set until it gets updated. I am about to try and copy those files and see what happens, thanks!
  12. When I go into users/documents/Prepar3D v4 Add-ons that's where it ends, then there is not a file for A2A.
  13. I got the GTN 750 in the aircraft because I changed the settings in the A2A configurator, but besides that it doesn't work, and I am sure it is because Ii have not changed anything in the files. I looked for A2A in my P3D installation file and nothing is there. I looked in Documents folder under Users/A2A and all I see is a FSX file that lists the 3 planes that I have, Cessna 182, Cherokee180, and Comanche250, but when I look in those I don't see anything but 7 Log files.
  14. All I see is Flightbeam, FSdreamteam add on manager, Orbx Objectflow, and Reality XP GTN under P3DV4 Add-ons. Also did not see this: panel_F1_750.cfg. I don't see how I cant find these files, I looked everywhere under Lockheed Martin and P3DV4 and found nothing similar. The user manual is worthless because it doesn't actually state how to install it, because I only fly A2A aircraft it is not usable. Then somehow I can not even find my A2A aircraft locations, I looked all throughout my drive that my sim is installed on and the aircraft are not there, yet they're installed in my sim... If A2A and/or Reality XP would do their job (I am sure it would take them an hour to make an installer) I would not have to go through this headache. So far this is like if I went to go buy as car and then the dealer says, right after I sign the papers and buy it, "oh, by the way, you have to install the engine yourself, here is a wrench". This is ridiculous.
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