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  1. I’m reinstalling Lorby Radar in the Tornado F3 simulator post COVID. Using P3D V4, AITX and the Virtavia F3 simulation. Normally after connecting I see the own position symbol plus the tag. This is not displaying nor are targets coming up on the display. AITX is displaying AI targets normally. What causes the symbol to appear. Is it affected by the IP address? I’ve reinstalled the program but no difference. Any advice?
  2. I was thinking of trying this out. I have Tac Pack and the F4J already but Tac Pack does not seem to be V4 compatible? Any guidance?
  3. I've just switched to P3DV4 and I'm trying to set up some scenarios. In P3DV3 the default groundspeed for a flight planned AI track was 250 knots. In P3DV4 it is now 1085 so any AI target runs away at a great rate of knots! Selecting the "NavLog" box on the flight planner screen shows the flight plan parameters and there is a value for estimated GS and a blank box for actual GS. The figure for estimated GS seems fixed and can't be amended. Is there a way to do this within P3D? The Learning Centre says: "GS (Kts): Each row in the GS (or ground speed) column is split into two cells: The top cell indicates the estimated ground speed, which is based on the speed of the aircraft selected when the flight plan was created; the bottom cell indicates the actual ground speed, which is calculated and updated during the flight." I can see no way to set the speed of the aircraft when creating the flight plan. Oliver from Lorby SI has suggested setting up new waypoint lists but struggling to achieve that so far.
  4. Progress report; I reloaded the P3DV4 version of AITX and pointed the gauge to P3DV4 and it's now up and running again thanks.
  5. I'm just starting with P3D V4.1. I own the Tormado F3 Mission simulator and use it with VR (P3d/FlyInside/ORBX) to allow visitors to fly against Cold War type threats. I've had a good system running in P3DV3 but keen to make the switch to V4 for better fidelity. I have a number of former Soviet types loaded as aircraft (Bear, Badger, Bison, Mainstay etc). All of them were downloaded as FSX simulations. I don't need to fly them but want to launch them as AI targets under AI Tracker X and intercept them. Loading up the P3DV4 Scenario screen, they now show as "no preview" and don't appear when P3D loads. I understand it's that they may originally have been FS9 models and V4 has dropped some of the elements that made them operable. Is that the case and is there a fix? A friend has suggested MCX and save them as a different file type. I'm a relative newbie so I need simple fixes if possible.
  6. Thanks as always Oliver. I just found that a few moments ago so working on it as we speak.
  7. I'm a huge fan of AITX and Lorby radar. I had the system working well in P3D V3 with Oculus Rift and had the radar screen embedded in the VC. I've just decided to migrate to P3D V4.1 now that FlyInside has been upgraded for VR. On first look, the radar screen is not showing up in cockpit. It may be a simple fix and not had had time to dig deeper yet. Has anyone successfully migrated and, if so, any tips or issues to flag up?
  8. Thje only jitter I've experienced is the "dancing" as the wingmen follow the leader to the takeoff point. Once airborne it's been stable and more than acceptable for close formation.
  9. I've taken the plunge and upgraded to P3D V4.1. All a bit daunting as I'd finally got V3 working well but it has to be the way to go.
  10. I run 2 PCs of similar configuration for my VR Tornado F3 simulator. System 1 crashed after the update was installed a few weeks ago and I had to block the update. I've just brought system 2 home to do some upgrading of the software and it loaded KB4038788 automatically. So far it is not showing the same problems and seems stable. It may be that MS has incorporated a fix.
  11. Thanks for this heads up. Being a newbie I naturally assumed it was something I'd done. I uninstalled the Microsoft update and normal service has been resumed.
  12. I've reduced the FPS to 35 and the AI targets are jitter free. Running P3DV3.
  13. This is proving to be an outstanding program for generating scenarios against which to fly. Thanks to Lorby_Si for his help in understanding its potential.
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