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  1. My sim froze stops responding crash, Do you know a solution to the problem?
  2. Hi, my P3D V4 Suddenly crashing after a 10 hours flight approximately, This happens when I look at the plane from the outside or when I open a 2D panel in the cockpit, Happens in the PMDG 777, From the event viewer/ http://prntscr.com/g4ngdn My specs is: I7 7700HQ GTX 1050TI 4GB 16GB ram Thx, Yuval
  3. That was the problem, I solved it, thank you very much for the help !!
  4. How can I check the line marked?
  5. I have not changed anything in the system, When I flew two days ago everything was excellent and yesterday it stopped working. Yes, the panel is black, He appears for a second and disappears,
  6. Hi I bought 777 fs2crew and its works and today Its isn't work, I click on C ,set set on the autofader and when I click on C the panel appears and immediately Disappears. I try to reinstall and its still dont work, What supposed I do?
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