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  1. I am running P3D with little nav map, but I am running LNM on a different computer LNM see's my plane and follows it perfectly. But here's the problem. with fsx I can copy the flightplan from my main flying computer to the computer running LNM But when I switch to P3D the second computer with LNM freezes when I try to copy the flight plan I have noticed that my flight computer if I run LNM on it ,it says little navmap- p3d/n on my second computer it says little navmap-fsx/n how do I change that, maybe thats the problem Thanks for any help Rick
  2. not yet looking for a good b737-800
  3. I am looking for a virtual airline that uses fsx default aircraft. most I have looked at require that you use their download and they don't come with virtual cockpit or have entrance exams the only one I have found so far is skywest virtual , but you are limited to a small schedule and are mostly night flights . any help would be appreciated thanks, Rick
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