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  1. EWayne

    PMDG 737NGX Loading will not complete

    I found that a feature of my Bitdefender called Safe Files -Protected Folders had to be turned off. Once I did that the PMDG 737 loaded without problem. Thanks for the responses! Wayne Fofonoff
  2. EWayne

    PMDG 737NGX Loading will not complete

    I have uninstalled FSX and all add ons including PMDG 777. I reinstalled all (as administrator) including the 777. The 777 works fine but the 737NGX still gives me the Feature Transfer Error, Access is denied response. Wayne Fofonoff
  3. When I try to install my downloaded PMDG 737NGX file it goes to about 85% complete on the completion bar then gives me a message: Feature : FSX-Steam Edition Component: Saved Flights My Docs SE File: C:\Users\WDDellDesktop\Documents\Flight Simulator X-Steam Edition files\PMD34CE.tmp Error: Access is denied Does anyone have any knowledge on what is required to rectify this situation. I have tried all I can think of or can find on the net. I have sent 3 messages to PMDG over the last 3 weeks with no reply or acknowledgement. Are they still supporting this product? Thanks Wayne Fofonoff
  4. At engine start of the PMDG 777-200 the duct pressure on the left drops and recovers first no matter which engine is being started. I start the right engine first and the duct pressure on the left drops then recovers. In the pursuit of reality the duct pressure should drop on the side concurrent with the engine being started. This indicates that the start valve for that engine has indeed opened. Also that same side duct pressure should recover at close of the start valve(when the start switch deselects). So when I start the RH engine first I should see the RH duct pressure drop then recover at start valve close and then with the left engine start I should see left duct pressure drop then recover on the left. I worked nearly my whole career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer on Boeing and Airbus airliners. Although I'm not a pilot I have run up and taxiied many airliners as part of my job.