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  1. Hi all. I need to know where to save my Simconnect.xml file that I've created for my P3Dv4? I have my simulator on a separate SSD drive and my OS on its own SSD drive. Where do I save the Simconnect.xml i've created in word? Can the reply show the path to point it to? regards Jean-Paul
  2. Hello all, What is the spad.next setting for simconnect to assign the PTT (push to talk) button on the saitek yoke? I know FSUIPC has a setting but I cannot seem to locate it on simconnect. Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks JP
  3. Poppet you were exactly correct. Thanks for all the feedback. JP
  4. I HOPE I'M IN THE RIGHT FORUM TO ASK THIS QUESTION: I have the A2A 172 trainer professional loaded in my P3D V4. When I load my flight, I have the inside of the cockpit totally stretched forward. Everything inside the cockpit is tiny. How do I set the view to show the view just over the front dash? Regards JP
  5. I HOPE I'M IN THE RIGHT FORUM TO ASK THIS QUESTION: I have the A2A 172 trainer professional loaded in my P3D V4. When I load my flight, I have the inside of the cockpit totally stretched forward. Everything inside the cockpit is tiny. How do I set the view to show the view just over the front dash? Regards JP
  6. Hello All.... Here's a simple question for you. I am running P3D v4. All my controls are Saitek. My question is.....is it preferred to run all my controls in spadnext (registered/paid version) using simconnect or FSUIPC also paid version? I can't find anything as to a preference over one or the other. Yours, JP
  7. Hello all, I have just completed posting and finishing up getting my Saitek panels all to work with SPADNEXT. I was very happy. Everything worked and everything was fine. Then I loaded VOXATC. All my panels went kaput! Nothing works again. Any advice? Should I forget VOXATC? I was trying to get an interactive ATC to use with my sim that's why I picked it. I am in the US Northeast (Cleveland, Ohio) area and would like to practice ATC communication during my flights. Any advice?
  8. Hello all.... I wanted to follow up with my experience and let you know where I stand. I thought is was only fair as you all reached out to me and offered your support. I spent the last 2 days approx. 24 hours working to resolve my issues I was having with the panels. I started out by unplugging everything. I tested the USB ports of my computer. Everything tested fine. Then I tested the two 2.0 USB external power hubs I bought to run the panels. All was good. I then ran CCleaner and cleaned the registry. I searched my drives for anything related to Logitech and Saitek and spadnext. I deleted it all. I uninstalled all of it. I ran CCleaner professional and the registry cleaner again. It cleaned it all. I am not a pusher of this particular software but it cleaned my system pretty good. So I reinstalled spadnext. I plugged all my panels in and everything worked. I ran the spadnext wizard and I now have working panels. I also loaded all my software and have a perfect working P3D system. I have every setting on max and have absolutely no lag or frame loss. I can't believe the realism. Thanks to all of you for your help. I really appreciate it. Kind Regards, JP
  9. UPDATE AND CLOSURE..... I was as frustrated as I could be without actually throwing up my hands and walking away. I did add some prayers and some heavenly promises which may or may not have got me to the place I am at now. I was thrown for a loop why these panels I had weren't working. I spent lots of money on external USB hubs with more than enough power to run everything. In fact I have purchased two of them. Each external powered 2.0 USB hub had 7 connections each. I was starting to think they were defective. I was about to go out and buy new ones I was that frustrated. But reality set in and I decided not to change them out. So here's what I did. I have a very powerful machine to run my Prepar3d on. I have more than enough horsepower. I disconnected every device from my PC except the mouse and keyboard. I started with each USB port on the PC and made sure that they #1 worked, and #2 were powered to not turn off in the PC power management interface. I ended up uninstalling/deleting anything that had to do with SpadneXt, Saitek, Logitech, or any other driver that even remotely was attached to the hardware I had. This included deleting any left over empty files. I ran the professional version of CCleaner. I ran the cleaner a few times and then I cleared the registry. I believe that the registry (by not being cleared) was holding onto old files that prevented my SpadneXt from installing properly. After running CCleaner, clearing the registry, wiping the free space and running the CCleaner defrag, I was as clean as I could get in my opinion. I was sure to use only 2.0 USB ports from my PC. I had 4 of them and only needed two to run my two external powered USB hubs. So I plugged them into the PC USB 2.0 ports and all of my panels into the 14 2.0 USB ports on the external USB hubs. I wasn't out of the woods yet. But I was on the right track. After powering up my system, I googled the Saitek USB fix as suggested by FFPILOT. I did this for every device I had. That was step #1 of the problem solved. USB POWER MANAGEMENT WAS THE ROOT OF IT ALL. Next I went to SpadneXt and downloaded the "COMPLETE" version which cost me another $105. I ran through the installer and the install wizard and the rest is history. Was my luck too good to be true? I started up Prepare3d v4 and everything turned on. I added the 6 displays to the FIP's and loaded a flight. Went from KCLE to KCAK in my 172 without any issue. No lag, No panel drop out. It was fixed. I still have some tweaking to do, but little stuff. I can manage that. I made a flight from KCLE to KDTW and again no errors or drop outs. I truly believe the fix was power management and registry cleaning. Such a simple fix that Saitek should post for all. I just wish I could do the same and save others the frustration I went through. Anyway, Thanks for all your suggestions. Thanks for the quick replies, and thanks for not giving up on me. Kind Regards, JP
  10. well, I thought I would be able to report some good news, but no, nothing. I tried looking up the Saitekusb suffestion....nothing. I tried to check all poer management....nothing. As for those asking if my units are old....they are brand new right from Saitek. I don't know where to turn now. I have invested thousands in hardware and pretty close to a thousand in add ons and software if not more. I am thoroughly frustrated and have nowhere to turn. Thanks for all your suggestions but alas, nothing worked. Regards, JP
  11. I am running windows 10 64 bit. I also have no choice in operating system. as for the suggestion, I have tried that. I can get the yol\ke, throttle, trim wheel, and rudder pedals to work perfect. The instrument panels all light up but they display only advertisements for other Saitek equipment. I cannot get anything else wo work when I start up p3d v4.0
  12. Hello all, I am very frustrated so please forgive me. I have P3D v4.0 and all Saitek panels. radios switch panel autopilot yoke throttle trim wheel rudder pedals and 6 instrument panels I have them hooked up to a separate external powered 2.0 USB hub with plenty of amps to run each device. A Coolgear Metal 7-Port USB 2.0 Powered Slim Hub. Two of them running off the 3.0 USB hubs on my PC. I have tried spadnext, downloads from Logitech, actual cd disks, and have been all over the forum to find out how to get these things to work. Anyone out there able to lend a guy a hand? Any help is most appreciated. kind regards, JP
  13. Question: When it comes to ORBX, should I un-check all the scenery settings that are default to Prepar3d V4 and only check the ORBX scenery files? and secondly do the ORBX scenery files need to be ranked 1, 2, 3, 4 etc in the p3d settings page?
  14. My experience is mostly in real world aviation in the Cessna 150, 152, and 172 trainers. Things come at you real quick in the air as I'm sure you know as compared to simulation. I have noticed that the simulator version is a little slower to react. Not much though. I also noticed that if I set the realism to high, the realism is almost to the extreme, almost like those situations could almost never happen. For example: if I set P-factor to high, the plane almost spins around the propeller, or if I set rudder control, it's as if I have hurricane winds on my tail at a crosswind. All in all it's OK but nothing like the real flight. My sole purpose is to create a simulator as real as I can to fly at home and stay as current as I can. I rent the aircraft I fly and the locations are about an hour away so that keeps me on the ground most of the time. I also am from the Cleveland, Ohio area. If you know anything about this side of town its that the weather is very unpredictable. One minute its clear and then Lake Erie brews up a storm out of nowhere. Most times a VFR flight is stopped enroute to your destination. I do not have IFR certification and that's what keeps me grounded. Sure I've thought about it and believe I would be a great IFR pilot, but as I am not in the aviation career field, staying current is not only expensive but a waste if you don't have a use for it. I would trade my soul for a career in aviation. I've said that since I was young, but my parents chose a different career path for me and to be honest I regret not having the backbone to force the career I truly wanted. Now at nearly 50, my love of flying has to be for fun. It's a real drag having a career that you hate. Getting backon topic, I will try the aircraft you suggest. I just wanted to fly what I can get my hands on. I don't like the taildraggers, but its like saying I don't like motorcyles vs mopeds if you know what I mean. I love to fly and take every opportunity to do so when I can. My simulator is as good as I can make it without breaking the bank. Keep Flying and enjoy JP
  15. I have the A2A Cessna 172. The Comanche is better? I'll have to check it out. Thanks for your advice. It's nice to know there's another enthusiast that wants to help another private pilot. JP
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