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  1. Do you have the latest FSUIPC? Maybe that's the problem? But I highly doubt it since the PMDG 737 is the only plane with the problem.
  2. Late reply but I just tried installing King Abdulaziz v1.1 scenery in P3Dv4 and it gives me an error "P3D v3 was not found on your system".
  3. Please make sure that you have all the files in the same folder before installing content and scenery. Your folder should look like this.
  4. Not sure about that as it has also happened to me while playing offline around 2 times or so. Here's PMDG's reply to my ticket: Monitoring my CPU (i7-6700K) load using Task Manager, it is around 33-41% and my memory's load is around 38%. That is while playing online. Not sure what's causing it, it's frustrating as hell! And it shouldn't be a problem with these loads... I did some more research and saw some people having freeze problems on FSX as a whole, caused my FSUIPC Autosave. I don't have a registered version of it but autosave has always been off for me.
  5. I bought the PMDG 737-800/900 from the official PMDG website, and it has been working properly for the first 2 months or so. (I play on FSX:SE) Around 2 weeks ago a problem started occurring. On (some) flights, (maybe something like 2 in 5 flights) the virtual cockpit stops responding to my mouse clicks mid-flight wile cruising. The 2D panels work fine, but the 2D cockpit looks something like this: (thanks @qantas747) I literally can't use anything while in VC. I tried changing camera views using (A) and getting an outside view of the aircraft then going back in, but nothing worked. I tried changing to full screen since I play in windowed mode, and it was responsive again. But once I clicked on one button, it would go back to unresponsive mode. I changed back to windowed mode and the same thing happened. But once I changed to full screen again it would stay unresponsive no matter how many times I switched between the two modes. The same problem happens if I change the scenery while already loaded in-game. This problem is way too annoying and even more frustrating because I play online nowadays. If I play offline its not too big of a deal as I can save the flight, exit the game, relaunch the game, load the flight again and it would work. It is still frustrating either way. I have already submitted a ticket, but would like to hear your opinions.
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