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  1. How to insert custom waypoints into Feelthere's Citation X FMC, what is the syntax? Any I try, the FMC says "Invalid entry".
  2. Sadly, but this is not the solution. I always do this. But thank you.
  3. There is no crashes at all. Simulator just freezes and do not respond any more. Task manager says that memory usage is far less than usual during the flight. Yes, I do fly complex aircraft. For example, Aerosoft Airbus for the first time loads without inserted flight plan.
  4. I have a problem resuming a saved flight. Sometimes it's required to load a saved flight twice for normal operation of the aircraft or when using Pro ATC-X. What I do: Load FSX free flight screen, choose Trike Ultralight, hit "Load" button, choose a saved flight, hit "Fly now". First step perfect. But the second time freezes FSX, it not responding anymore. Any suggestions? Where to investigate?
  5. Oh, I should less watch "startup" videos on YouTube. Thank you!
  6. Greetings everyone! Please help me to get the XL560 engines to start. What I do: Battery master - ON; APU master - ON; APU start - START; APU Bleed - ON; APU generator - ON; L+R generators - ON; Ignition - ON. And nothing. Neither N1 nor N2 is rising. Fuel boost to ON do not help. Maybe missed something? Thank you in advance.
  7. How to add a station in AS16? I enter the ICAO code, name and coordinates, the "OK" button remain grey (see screenshots). If it is not possible to manually enter stations, for what purpose the "Add" option exist?
  8. I have an opportunity to purchase a used boxed version of MD-11. I think the keycode was entered and the product was activated at least once. What is PMDG's policy on multiple activations on different computers? Will it do any harm (license violations, etc.) on my existing installations of Boeings and Operations centre if I activate that MD-11 on my machine? Thank you in advance. Sorry to ask these questions here, I cannot login to official support account.
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