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  1. It was the pitot heat switch thx guys
  2. Hello all fellow 441 flyers. Anyone else have an issue where your altimeter suddenly jumps up when passing FL190/FL200? Around that range mine jumps a good 2 to 3 thousand feet. GPS altitude doesn't change, only pressure. I have to descend back down to FL170 before it will read correctly again. Only does it in this aircraft.
  3. Not that I could find. Seems the latest batch of Carelebo aircraft have combined the instrument lamps knob or switch to the cabin/dome lights where more emphasis is put on the cabin/dome. Would be value added if I flew the aircraft from the passenger 4 station.
  4. I have PMd Whamil and look forward to the mods as well. I hope someone, someday can fix the lighting issue in the cabin. I want so badly to turn the cockpit gauge lighting WITHOUT turning on the overhead dome and passenger cabin lighting. I can't imagine this would be a difficult fix...or at least I hope not.
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