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  1. It was the pitot heat switch thx guys
  2. Hello all fellow 441 flyers. Anyone else have an issue where your altimeter suddenly jumps up when passing FL190/FL200? Around that range mine jumps a good 2 to 3 thousand feet. GPS altitude doesn't change, only pressure. I have to descend back down to FL170 before it will read correctly again. Only does it in this aircraft.
  3. Not that I could find. Seems the latest batch of Carelebo aircraft have combined the instrument lamps knob or switch to the cabin/dome lights where more emphasis is put on the cabin/dome. Would be value added if I flew the aircraft from the passenger 4 station.
  4. Anyone know where this is in the library? I checked both FSX and P3D repaint sections. With no luck.
  5. Very nice paint! PM Sent. I will also check the library as well
  6. I have PMd Whamil and look forward to the mods as well. I hope someone, someday can fix the lighting issue in the cabin. I want so badly to turn the cockpit gauge lighting WITHOUT turning on the overhead dome and passenger cabin lighting. I can't imagine this would be a difficult fix...or at least I hope not.
  7. The taxi light when switched on will put a footprint on the ground, but the light itself doesnt illuminate until the landing lights are switched on. The cabin lights remain on at all times. They need a switch that should be separate from the red dome light for the pilot/co-pilot station.
  8. I actually had to bump up the torque factor to 0.4. Works great now.
  9. ....Are they doing any beta testing at all? I guess not! I switched to this because the aircraft lighting bugs in the PA-23 Aztec (inside the cabin as well as outside) were driving me crazy. I know they are small but I want it right. If this was freeware I wouldn't put too much stock in it. However, being payware products, they need to get this out to those us with the right attention to detail before they send it out to the masses. Thanks for the fix to the aircraft.cfg!
  10. Good morning all, I've just purchased this and I am embarrassed to say I can not manually start this 310R. Using Ctrl E works like a champ. When up and running, I've even pulled the mixture down to shut off the engines. Then I put it back up and click the starters for each engine and nothing. I am even at 200ft above sea level when I try this so I know my mixture is not too rich. Props will turn over but not ignite. Any suggestions? Ben
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