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  1. Yeah, thanks! I asked a few pilots and they told me that the calculated value can’t be set precisely due to how the trim setting is displayed in the 737..
  2. Thank you! I was always correcting the fmc figure...
  3. Hi everyone! For some time flying with the beautiful NGX I’ve been asking myself this question: is the calculated takeoff trim setting already corrected? In the Boeing manuals there’s a correction table for the trim setting based on the engine derate you choose and I don’t know if you have to apply this correction to the fmc calculated value or not. Thanks in advance to everyone!
  4. Well, I understand all these reasons, but I think I'll stay with FSX because in about two or three years I'm probably going to start my real flight training (and I say "probably" because I'm not rich and I have to find a way to earn/save a bit of money, at least to start). I think it's worth saving every cent for that instead of spending continuously in flight simulation softwares, unfortunately I'ts a REALLY expensive hobby... All the best
  5. It would be a shame, I personally use FSX and I’m fine with it. I hope they won’t leave it as I don’t wanna (and tbh can’t afford to) spend a bunch of money to buy v4 and all the relative addons another time.
  6. Hey all, recently I saw that you will release many updates/new products such as the 747-8 and a new NG3. My question is: are you gonna release these two products for FSX too? Thanks and have a great weekend!
  7. Hey is there anyone who can help me? Federico Secchi
  8. I didn't talk about radar altimeter but Radio altimeter I'm referring to the altitudes callouts (2500, 1000, 500....)
  9. Hi, I bought the ngx about one month ago and I really love it! Anyway I'm having a problem with the radio altimeter "2500" callout: I have like two different callouts delayed one with the other by some milliseconds. Is it normal? Thank you in advance, Federico
  10. Okay, sorry I didn't know that. Anyway with the dame system but a quad core CPU like an i5, would I have better performance? Thanks Federico
  11. Hi, I recently bought my new pc for FSX:SE. I want to buy the pmdg NGX but i'm not sure if with my pc I can have a smooth experience without lags considering that I use FTX global, ASN and AI traffic. This is my system: CPU: i3 7350K 4.2 GHz 4MB cache RAM: 8GB DDR4 2400MHz GPU: GTX 1050Ti 4GB What do you think my performaces will be? Thanks and sorry if my english isn't 100% correct
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