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  1. Thank you so much, all works fine now and i can catch the aerocaches in the region World. I see the groundtextures are very simple, do i need to install the FSX updates as Servicepacks for that or makes that no difference.. Thanks again, i'm very happy with Flight now. (it was boring i found all the earocaches and other stuff) +1 for Segador77
  2. Finaly i have my conversion ready, for me also 2 runs with version 1.32. Same as Diederik (vast ook een Nederlander) and Rhumbaplappy do i mis 3 GUIDs. Will try if i crash over Paris, hope not i like the Eiffeltower :p
  3. Update: after a few hours stress (windows was complete ###### off) i have use a systemrecovery from a week old. Steam and the steamversion of Flight removed. Installed GFWLIVE, Flight (as stand alone version), the Flighttoolkit and have used the addonmanager for adding all the options. After that i installed Framework 4.6 and Flightmonitor. I'm on the point now to install al clean version of FSX (with one?) and use the tool to merge the data with Flight. Hope someone can give me a hint how i can get a clean version of FSX, Thank you in advance, Flightjunk1
  4. Ah, oké than i need to install the standard version of Flight first. Well i hope i can find all the stuff with all addons Thank you for your support for now :)
  5. Hello members of this beautiful forum. I'm a flightjunk for serval years. I use MS flight through Steam and have installed all the items of the toolkit (latest version) I see the new aerocaches, but i can't acces them. I need content to use them. I really don't know how to manage that. Maybe anyone can help me so i can try to catch the new ones :) Many thanks and sorry for my simple English, i'm Dutch. Regards, Flightjunk1
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