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  1. You sir, are a GENIUS !!! The system now pulls up the map and it seems to be working. I'll try a little cross country this weekend and shoot a few approaches. No idea what the correction was but what ever it was - it worked !! THANKS !!!!!
  2. GDixon

    GTN map freeze troubleshoot

    Thanks for the update. When can I get this and how do I go about updating my system ? GD
  3. GDixon

    GTN map freeze troubleshoot

    RXP - thanks for the reply. I've been out of town for a few days but now back at trying to get this thing working. Are you saying that you're working on a fix to help determine the problem or are you asking me for more info to help find the issue? Should I stick with this and find the cure or should I get a refund and come back later when the problem has been found? I would rather have the 650 working. Are you having the same issue with the 750? If not, what's the chance of trading in the 650 for the 750? Thanks - GD
  4. GDixon

    GTN map freeze troubleshoot

    I have the same problem and have been following this link for about a week now. Nothing I do has had any effect. I'm not a computer programmer so most of the technical jargon is jumble to me. I'm on a DELL 6800 with many bells and whistles (top of the line stuff - was purchased for video editing - cost about $4K) running Windows 7. I've deleted and reloaded several times. I've made sure that I have full control of all files. I've downloaded the GTN trainer separately. I've done numerous things but nothing is working. The trainer works fine when I open it and all functions are normal (I have a GTN 650 in one plane I own and a GTN 750 in another plane - I know how to use the equipment). Running X-Plane 10 (latest version). 650 works fine until I select any function that will bring up the map - then the big freeze hits. I'm at the point where I want a refund but I would rather have the system working. PLEASE HELP !!!!!