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  1. wsanders75

    Interaction with G1000?

    Ok, thanks for clarifying. Was hoping there may be a hack or workaround.
  2. wsanders75

    Interaction with G1000?

    Hi, I've been using the GTN750/650 for some time and it's my best friend in VR with its popout capability, large lettering and clickspots, and navigation! I have planes however with the native G1000 which I want to use for navigation, and use the GTN750/650 as my VR helper only i.e. to set radios, transponder, lookup waypoint info etc. When used in this fashion the GTN750/650 unfortunately seems to confuse the G1000 navigation, even though I have all the GTN750/650 connect, and master device settings unchecked. Radios, transponders etc get changed as expected via the GTN, but as soon as I open the GTN750/650 the G1000 GPS stops tracking correctly, and the usual G1000 data like distance to waypoint etc goes haywire. Switch off the GTN and G1000 navigation returns. I've also tried using it as GTN2 and set it to change Nav1/Com1, and same issue occurs. Is there a known workaround or fix? Strange use case I know, but its a feature I'd really like. Thanks
  3. wsanders75

    Flight Plan import

    Try renaming your flight planes with an ‘a_’ in front. I recently purchased and the import function also didn’t work. The plans never appeared, and therefore neither did import button. Another user reported it appeared to be only able to read files starting with certain letters. He seemed content with the workaround so not sure this was ever ironed out. Worth a try.
  4. wsanders75

    GTN 750 in VR

    I fly vr exclusively, first in flyinside, and now native. I was about to buy but disappointed to read the 750 can’t be interacted with in the 3D cockpit properly, especially in the carenado pc12 which support the 750 in the panel. A 750 popout that could be repositioned and fully interacted with in vr would be fantastic :-)