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  1. Lovely shots, especially the crosswind landing.
  2. Lovely screenshots there. Off to anywhere interesting or just a departure photoshoot?
  3. One of my more memorable flights for GA was taking a Piper 28 from Bristol to Valley. Flew over both the Severn Bridges and then set a course for North Wales. Lovely flight and only about 60 - 80 minutes.
  4. I'm all down for keeping this thread alive so that the livery for this can be found! For entirely non-selfish reasons..... I promise. Albeit, the author name would satisfy me so I can find something similar for any of my own aircraft seeing as I lack the PMDG777
  5. Beautiful shots there. If you enjoy flying over England in VFR then I'd highly recommend a trip through North Wales. I find myself frequently trying to pick flights that cross the mountains there. Another beautiful and much better known spot is the obvious Scottish Highlands. I absolutely love picking my way through the Cairngorms and over the Trossachs.
  6. I do love digging through freeware files. So many hidden gems. Just yesterday I spent 45 minutes trawling freeware aircraft for interesting things to fly and now the list is as long as my arm. I love recreating RW flights but I have the challenge of flying every aircraft in my library at some point.
  7. Excellent shots again Aharon :) A continuation of your MD11 shenanigans in Alaska?
  8. I loved following this little adventure :) Any chances of a new adventure with a different airframe? :)
  9. So they took an engine .... and stuck a cockpit on it ... 😉
  10. Strange.... Is the approach and transition entered correctly?
  11. Forgive me if I'm stating the obvious or breaking some unwritten rule but surely a dummy account would make an adequate workaround if you need a direct link?
  12. Thanks both for the replies. Ironically, it suddenly worked with a new cfg build. No I wasn't. Someone else pointed me at the same directory as the cfg file. I completely forgot about the My Documents location. Dll.xml? Is that the file that controls all the prompts on the splash screen?
  13. Good Evening, As stated above, I'm missing my logbook.bin file which seems to be killing my FSX on startup. Any solutions as to a fix? A reinstall is not really an option as that would be around 2 weeks worth of sim time in my current circumstance. Kind regards
  14. Hellooo I recently downloaded OrbX and I have encountered a strange CTD error when it tries to load the weather. I can load upto the first 5 seconds of a flight, get into the cockpit and then it crashes. It also does this with Rex 3 but not with FSXWX or REX WX Architect. I have tried using the CTD Bible but the resolutions didn't work. I also have no weather stations in the FSX map and I think a free trial of FSC was the trigger for receiving the CTDs. When I use a program that creates it's own weather stations such as FSXWX or REX WA, I don't get this issue. Any advice would be appreciated :)
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