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  1. Quixoticish

    IRIS Warthog driver gold in P3D 4.5?

    Many thanks. I've got the latest TacPack installed and registered properly, the VRS Hornet works fine but the stores display on the Warthog still isn't playing ball. Is it simply a case of open the window and click where you want the stores or am I missing something? Edit : The IndiaFoxtEcho F-35 and Typhoon work fine as well and they seem to use Tacpack and a weapons loadout screen to select bits and pieces. Apparently the build number (looking at the relevant text file in the aircraft folder) is V2.1-140305-1124 for the version of the Warthog I downloaded.
  2. Just getting back into simming and I picked this up as I was keen to fly the A-10. I've noticed the stores manager doesn't appear to work and there isn't any manual included with the product. Is this a side effect of running it on the latest P3D or has anyone been able to make it properly work in 4.5?