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  1. Hello. Just after I updated to the newest NVIDIA driver on Saturday, I also had this error pop up. I had never encountered this error before. I have a 3080 ti. I re-installed an older (2 gens back) NVIDIA driver with no resolution. I finally uninstalled and re-installed MSFS2020 (took a long time) last night and the error is gone. I am not going to update the driver again for a while.
  2. Thanks for the help. Would have thought that would have been noted in the installation.
  3. Dumb question. Where is the manual for the mod stored. The installation procedure does not say. Thanks for any help.
  4. I suspected as much, but wanted to see if others were experiencing to same things. The C208 mod must be broken as well. Thanks.
  5. I have been getting some strange behavior with the mods after SU8. Yesterday the modded C208 had a pilot and copilot in the cockpit view I could not get rid of and today I loaded the modded TBM930 and I only have the cockpit section, no wings, tail, nose or engine. Has anyone else witnessed these behaviors?.
  6. I just downloaded SU8 and re-booted and loaded the Cessna 208 and have a pilot/copilot that I cannot seem to get rid of. In the cockpit view, I am essentially looking through the pilots sunglasses. Anyone know how to get rid of these things? EDIT: Just tried the default without the mod and the pilot/copilot go away in the cockpit view. Sorry, should have tried this before posting.
  7. One of the best bizjets I have flown is in XP11, the Phenom 300. Aerobask did a great job with it and the XP11 (Aerobask modified) G1000 implementation is pretty good. Sadly, I have not seen nor heard that they will be developing for MSFS 2020. Sure would like a 300.
  8. Ryan and ark, I got the same info from Matt at WT and it works fine. I was using the incorrect IPL. (DUH!). Anyway, thanks for the help. Happy flying!
  9. Just got logged into Discord. Never have used it before. Old dogs, New tricks as they say. Thanks.
  10. Thanx for the reply Ryan. I still have MSFS 2020 open and tried that. No Joy.
  11. I attempted a flight from KIPL to KLAX using the Nxi in the C208. Origin- KIPL, Dest-KLAX. My first enroute waypoint was IPL (VOR). I had IPL highlighted on the G1000 flight plan then went to "MENU" then "LOAD AIRWAYS" and attempted to enter the V458 airway. The Nxi showed no airways available. I was able to enter the airway in Navigraph Charts from IPL so I assume Navigraph is not at fault. Any ideas what might be afoot? The Github forum for the Nxi said to use AVSIM to report bugs. Not sure if this is correct but I will start here.
  12. Hi Bijan. Really enjoying your product! Silly request if you have time in the future. I live in eastern Colorado and for whatever reason, Bing maps takes low sagebrush bushes and grasses and turns them into small trees in the sim. This part of the U.S. does not have many trees except for farm houses and near streams and rivers where water is present (not many of those). It would be great to have these show as grass and small bushes instead of trees. Much of the great plains of the U.S. is portrayed this way I think. Thanks.
  13. Just wondering if anyone else has tried the Mixmugz TBM930 and experienced the frozen start and ignition switches and if so, can it be fixed?
  14. Like FSUK_86, I use a 3rd party app called AxisandOhs (payware). There is a public template available that makes MOST of the buttons/switches work with the BTQ and CRJ700. If you google AxisandOhs, you should be able to find it. It is possibly on Flightsim.TO. The installation is fairly painless.
  15. On the topic of Flightbeam's KDEN, I loaded up CRJ700 yesterday for a flight out of KDEN and noticed the Jetways do not activate. I use the toolbar pushback mod and yes, I have deleted the ASOBO KDEN. Anyone else having this issue? EDIT: Sorry, just tried again today and the Jetway attached. Not sure what prevented it yesterday.
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