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  1. Upon looking in the %programfiles(x86)%\Multi Crew Experience folder, I noticed a Navdata subfolder. What purpose do the files in this folder serve, and is this navdata updatable somehow? By the looks of it, the data in there is quite out of date. Thanks!
  2. Hi FS++ and others, Would there be any way to allow MCE, in BVI mode, to read items from the CDU on aircraft which come with one (e.g., QualityWings 757, CaptainSim 777, etc)? It is currently possible to press buttons on the unit with voice commands ("FMC one press L Six LSK," "Left CDU press INIT," etc), but it is currently not possible to read what is on the display. Thanks, -Tyler
  3. As I understand it, from reading the GSX manual, GSX will work with the stock aircraft. The issue might be your FSDT airports, if you have demo versions; the demo versions of the airports will turn off their advanced features after five or six minutes.
  4. Hello everyone, Have any changes been made for BVI users lately (now that MCE V2.7.2.0 has been released)? As in, are there any new patches that we should be aware of/download? Thanks!
  5. What you could do would be to put the topic in your browser's bookmarks list. Just a thought.
  6. I'll have to try that. I use JAWS as my primary, so not as familiar with NVDA and its navigation methods.
  7. I'm on a laptop and don't have a mouse, so using the narrator feature of MCE is still a pain in the butt for me. I've tried using it with System Access' virtual mouse, NVDA object navigation, and the JAWS cursor, all without much success. For instance, JAWS cursor will seem to stick to the status line, SA virtual mouse won't read the controls, and NVDA object nav sees nothing. Would there perhaps be any way in future of making the controls visually remain the same, but be present in the tab order so we could use Tab/Shift+Tab with our screen readers of choice? Just a thought.
  8. I just got to thinking, once P3D V4 is fully supported, perhaps one of us BVI pilots should try it. They offer developer subscriptions which are $9.99/month, which is probably as close to a free trial as we're going to get. In addition, perhaps it's worth investigating whether or not the FSXPilot developer would be willing to explain to us how their version of landing assistance is implemented (I know we shouldn't necessarily try for full autolanding initially, as there are so many different types of aircraft that MCE supports). Just my thoughts at nearly 10:00 PM.
  9. I'd love to learn more from you about how to combine MCE with FSXPilot. I have the free version of FSXPilot, and I know I could get the Pro version or just wait for it to go completely free in October. Perhaps a video for that could be helpful? Just a thought.
  10. Have you ever looked at the updates produced by http://www.aero.sors.fr? There are several different things up there, such as updated navaids, runway data, and so forth, as well as an updated magnetic variation table. The navaids and runway data are updated with each AIRAC cycle.
  11. I'm so used to IYP, but would absolutely love to use MCE because it seems to be getting more updates than IYP is these days, plus it supports more aircraft and can integrate with GSX, which I would love to try. After all, GSX would allow me to do more realistic refueling, perhaps using block fuel values from SimBrief. If this were doable, then I would be able to perhaps have better luck on those flights where my winds aloft are headwinds, which seem to lead to a lot of problems in IYP.
  12. The topic title says it all: I'm not able to use the custom speech training. Using the latest version of MCE (, Windows 10 64-bit. When I choose my training script, then hit Start, then Next in the speech training window, I get a Speech Training error saying that my recognition language isn't set to the English US recognizer, even though I know it is. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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