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  1. Cassidy Dorman

    Fictional Paint Request

    Which model of 777-200? That is to say, by which developer?
  2. Repainters more skilled than I, I come to you with a humble request. Been looking everywhere for even something that I could modify to look like a NetJets USA Challenger 300 but I have come up short. I've also tried doing my own bits, but the one thing I have a great deal of trouble with is the dang line alignment. So I guess here goes: The paintkit is located here, the base model is here and I will post some reference material below. Colors Are Red (#590A1B), Dark Grey (#171617), and Tanish Grey (#6C6C6B) So thanks to all that read this and I hope someone picks it up!
  3. Gotcha. Kind of a shame, but I guess that's what I get for using last-gen software. Thanks again for all of the hard work on this addon.
  4. Okay, so just so I have this clear and stop taking time trying to get it to work, this addon is NOT compatible with P3DV3? Not a big deal if that's the case, but I just saw this beautiful addon and got super excited. Fantastic work at any rate, Alberto.
  5. Cassidy Dorman

    Repaint Request

    +3 Maybe Ray Marshall will stick his nose in here and grace us with some of his talent. I recall that he had been hinting at having one and posted some screenshots, but that was nigh on three years ago so it's not too likely that he still has them sitting around. We can always hope though, right?