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  1. Same issue. May I have corrected file? Thanks
  2. That's a pity. This scenery is still good for today standards: it would deserve an update. I hope iniBuild.com thinks about that
  3. I have only one PAPI system. I downloaded the scenery yesterday from Simmarket. Try to redownload and reinstall it. I use FsGlobalUltimate, and OrbxVector. To solve elevation issue don't delete or disable ABP_VABB.bgl inside ORBX directory, but delete VABB_ADEX_ADE_ALT.BGL inside Scenery/World/scenery
  4. Inibuilds or Thai aviation texture dynamic lighting patches for Thai Creation VABB. They work correctly. The second is quite better and it works only disabling VABB_ALT.BGL in Scenery/World/Scenery if you are using ORBX Vectors. Very good lighting effects!
  5. City buildings of this scenery are not autogenerated. The custom buildings file is vabb_gmax_building.bgl. I noticed that in almost every video on youtube these buildings are shown correctly. 
  6. Hello, I bought Mumbai VABB by Thai Creations. It was created for FSX but it is compatible with P3d v4 (thanks to dynamics light packages) except for private buildings around the airport. I tried to convert vabb_gmax_building.bgl with ModelConverterX without success; but actually I am not very familiar with this tool. Is there any way to fix it? Thank you.
  7. Hi Benjamin, thank you. I bought Mumbai. Everything is ok, elevation issue is solved, but there are no buildings. around airport. I tried to convert vabb_gmax_building.bgl by ModelConverterX, without success. What should I do about it?
  8. Hello, I am interested in ThaiCreations sceneries, in particular Mumbai VABB and Kathmandu Namaste. I am going to take advantage of Simmarket discount. Are these sceneries compatible with P3Dv4? Or fixable? Thank you
  9. Hello! I've just purchased Citation Mustang. I installed it in P3d 4.5 but I have noticed it is a framerate killer. Expecially in USA territory, also at 35.000 ft. It depends on something inside the cockpit. I deactivated inset map of pilot PFD, i disabled Mipmap Vc panel, and I disabled also co-pilot PFD. But framerate is still around 10-15 fps. In Europe, with airport add-ons installed, framerate is definitely better. What shall I do? Thank you.
  10. Thank you for your answer. For the airports included in ORBX AEC list, disabling AEC through Vector tool and enabling AFM2 correction, solves the issue for that specific airport.
  11. Hello! I have a question: I’m trying tu use AFM2 to fix slopes around airports in Fs Global Ultimate. Everything is ok except ponds and water bodies around the airports: these areas remain at different height. How to fix it? Thank you.
  12. I get the message "UTL client stopped working" every time I start P3D after 4.4 update. I have ultimate traffic Live I have never updated it. Any solution? Thank you
  13. Thank you for your answer. This works but disabling the airport in AEC makes this annoying plateau
  14. Thank you. I tried your suggestion, but disabling airport in AEC, with FsGlobal active, has adverse effect in airport elevation. It's very strange, that follow me car and other ground vehicles work well unlike jetways and parking marshallers. I hope it will be fixed soon
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