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    got the p3d a few weeks ago I finished all of the mission on fsx and I kinda of want to go to the next level so I'm looking to buy the 737ngx I bought the orbx base pack and I wanted to know what addons are must have exepct these ones and I Dont know how to use the fmc because I didn't have it on fsx So I'd like some opinions about addons thanks :)
  2. idk what are u talking about but enjoy :)
  3. Guys try to disable youre sound card throw device manager i disabled realtek hd and the sim works!!!
  4. Reinstall didnt help same problem
  5. Yea lets hope they'll fix it fast I saw a few people complain about this prob at the p3d forum
  6. If they wont fix it in the next few days i'll just ask for a refund tbh
  7. tried to repair 3 times didnt help
  8. Ok i'm unistalling the game right now
  9. I dont have a spare hrd drive unistall the game and then install or just repair?
  10. I dont have a traffic section
  11. I think I'll just wait for p3d to fix it with an patch
  12. Still crashes and the floder is not hidden for me
  13. cant get into the game so I cant turn off the AI settings
  14. And yea I tried a reinstall didnt work and somehow it install my p3dv4 at progamfiles not on program files 86x
  15. Whats AI program I just tried to install orbx then removed it and how can i trun off ai settings
  16. Ohh ok got it thanks i'll wait for tomorrow maybe they'll fix it till then
  17. crashes wihtout error but found this on the viewer ai_player.dll, version: how can I fix it?
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