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  1. Hey @Ekim, alright, I make some to try it! 🙂 Should I maybe click it to "aircraft specific" in FSUIPC? I saved the Keymap and now? How does VRInsight know which aircraft I configurated?! The PDF of VRI ends right there...
  2. Well, I know now how to get the macros work. And now? It's so complicated. 😞 How can I create Key Commands in FSUIPC? I only can select one Key but I need a whole combi of them...
  3. Hello @Ekim, word not allowed it, I mean the CDU II. However the manuel said "III". Thanks for your fast answer. It really sounds complicated. I'll try it but I think it will not work anymore for me... Regards Justin
  4. Hello to all, I really hope that anyone of you have knowings about the VRinsight CDU. I already know that VRinsight don't support their hardware anymore ... sad. But does maybe anyone of you know how to "config" the CDU? It works, my FCU works fine as well but I want/need more aircrafts. At the moment does only the PMDG 737/777 works. Are there any Links or something else out there? Thanks and Regards Justin
  5. Ok, I would say you're right. It works better as before and now I can fly. I just was wondered about my Notebook (GTX 960) and this one works better but it's okay. Thanks everyone for your help! :)
  6. Ok, so I've did it. And it works not really better. No, I haven't. I don't know how to do that. I understand you but for me it works just a bit faster. But not smooth enough with max settings. My traffic was turned off now... Mmh any other ideas? Another / older driver maybe?
  7. Okay but how can I do this? So on wich page? There's only the Homepage and Driver.
  8. Hello simbol and thanks for the answer. I think that would be the solution but now I can not find my Nvidia Inspector anymore. I had it some days ago but it's gone?! There is only GeForce Experience now. Hi Tony and thanks too for your answer. I know what you mean. But anyway my Nvidia Inspector is deleted and GeForce told me to install the newest version and it shows only the newest. I've got version 385.28 installed.
  9. Hello, I know the scenario with P3D v4 settings on maximum but it dosen't really work for me on my PC, so they are set "low" now. GTX 1070, i7, 1 TB SSD, Win 10, P3D v4 with many, many Addons (Orbx Global, UT2, PMDG...) My notebook does nearly have the same but the settings are much higher and the FPS works faster the only diffrent is on the notebook - Ezdok v2 and PC - ChasePlane. Please help me to find the issue, I already had the same problem with P3D v3.
  10. Hi again, first thanks to everyone for your help! The Sim starts again after changing the exe.xml. Second, I've got a new huge problem... The Sim starts but it don't show the aircraft and only my Flytampa and Flightbeam sceneries nothing else. It loads very fast and then the P3D crashes... HELP me once again please!
  11. You mean delete the CFG? I've already did too...
  12. Hello, some days ago I installed all PMDG v4 aircrafts new on my laptop. Scince this, the sim doesn't start anymore... It shows the main picture of P3D but when it tries to open the main menu, the picture is gone and there is nothing. The Task Manager tells me, the sim, SODE and courtal are running but it isn't shown in the Task Line too! I've reinstalled PMDG and AS16, I've even already reinstalled my P3D and the same problem... Under troubleshooting it shows me "Failed to connect". Please help me! Win 10 i7-5700HQ SSD128G GTX970
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