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  1. It only happens in some area, so far it is in the KIND and KLAS that it is happening, and it could be a few second after the game started, then again a few hours after, but it is always happen quickly if I am leaving from those airport than when I am trying to fly to those airport
  2. How do you find out which stupid plugin is creating this error, the log is showing thousands of useless line except what is need like what exactly cause a crash
  3. The new plane by Thranda, the 390 is not very stable the can at most fly for about 30 to 60 minutes at the time then X-Plane crashes without any information and some times saying that it is the main X-Plane plugin that as crashed. This error only happens why with the 390
  4. The planes are made by Thranda, and are very good, unfortunately they are distributed by Carenado/Alebeo, I bought all of them directly from the Carenado and Alebeo site, and they never let us know when there is any update until a few onths later. The funny thing is I still get message as soon as an update is coming out for any of the few Carenda that I bought for FSX, but X-Plane way too late
  5. I completely agree with you, it is a great plane
  6. The only problem with the Carenado S340, is the altimeter that has to be stuck as 1011, it can not be adjusted since we get the pressure un standard like 29.92 and not in the useless metric word not allowed
  7. I just installed it and everything works now Thank you all for the help
  8. I am missing libqtcore.so.4 Weel it can not be found in either the ubuntu repository or the LinuxMint file searcher for online files
  9. it unfortunately requires a library that is only available for the RedHat Linux variant, it can not be installed in Ubuntu or LinuxMint
  10. When I tried to run it in the terminal, I typed WED as it is the name of the program, and I get the following message: WED: command not found Permisson are : -rwxrwr-x
  11. Hi I have installed Linux Mint and I am now trying to use WED, but when I double-click the program, it does not do anything, literally nothing is happening with it
  12. The plane use only the left tank, even when have the selector to use both
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