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  1. Hey. I am just trying to install the VFX Central and install ChasePlane, but before even starting VFXCentral it fails with the message The downloaded file is not signed from OldProp Solutions Inc, which is not true, since I have downloaded directly from their site. I have read many solutions on the web, which clearly said there is an issue with the certificates on the computer. This is not true, first of all. It's a new Windows installation, second, I have checked all the certificates and no issues. Not even added as "Untrusted". I have also contacted their support directly on the site. Just wondering if anyone can provide a faster idea what could be the problem.
  2. Hello guys! How are you? I need a little help with my purchase. I am willing to buy the DC-6 Cloudmaster, however, I have a few doubt/question. So it's not really a question, I want this, however I am not sure where this plane actually flying in real life? I mean, is it something from the past or it's still used by airlines? What I am planning to buy really is the DC-6 CM and the 737. I have already own 747 and the 747-800 extension. Regerding the 777, I am not sure. What kind of differences there are between the 747 and 777? Afaik, it's smaller, but it's a long plane. Please help 🙂 Back to the topic. Do you guys still often use DC-6? I am sure it's worth it, my question is how easy it to fly? I could pretty much learn using well the 747 and the FS A320X, but such a rotorcraft plane would be I guess more reliable and harder to learn. Please advice 🙂
  3. @scandinavian13 I am aware of that, sorry, that is why I mentioned it is black, I didn't even mention it is a CTD. I know what CTD is. As I mentioned, I have a black screen, no crash, just simply goes black, like if the driver would have crashed, but might be caused because of the shaders just like for others. Edit: Yes, it was indeed the shaders, thanks for the info, you might want to create a sticky post about it and close these kinds of issues to avoid people to go back find a solution for this.
  4. @scandinavian13 Will try to disable it, for now, to see if it is really the case. It is not a blue screen, it is black and only caused on PMDG, so I don't think it is the fault of my driver or OS. It is the latest version and I literally reinstalled the OS before bought PMDG.
  5. Hey! I recently purchased both the Base and the Expansion for trying this new beautiful aircraft, this is my first very huge aircraft, earlier I flight with A320 only. I love the product thanks! However, I have issues with the Auth screen just like everyone else above. What i have noticed, that I have Navigraph Connect running and connected, however, nothing happens. Not even a field to fill out in the 747-8, just white screen on the Authenticating window.. After some time, I even get a BSOD. Not sure why, but this only happens during the new PMDG. Plus this is a very fresh windows installations, my graphics drivers updated as well to the latest version.
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