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  1. jmythngdmb


    Thanks Byork, I had a similar question a while back, I didn’t word it quite as succinctly as Perry, never really did get a good response, thought it was a glitch. This clears it up, I appreciate it!
  2. jmythngdmb

    head scratch moment

    Byork has the best advice, but I will say that the Q400 flightdeck is busy. Unfortunately I don’t have the NGX yet so I can’t compare, but I use the button version of fs2crew with the Q400 and while it does simplify things a bit, it’s still a huge workload for the captain. By comparison, when I use aerosoft airbus and have the FO do his/her part I feel like I’m not doing much at all. If I’m short on time I don’t bother getting into the Q400, it just takes time to get the thing set up. For what it’s worth, Airline2Sim has fantastic instructional packages for the Majestic Q400 that have helped me a lot.
  3. jmythngdmb

    EXT PWR/APU Voltage

    I don’t know an exact range of what is acceptable as I’m not a Dash 8 pilot but you are looking for roughly 24 volts. I just realized you were looking for a more specific answer with regards to what value you should be looking at on the display. I learned this aircraft via the Airline2sim videos, which were fantastic. I’m foggy now as I haven’t been up in a while, (just had another kid). For all of our sake, I’m gonna look it up tomorrow, till then, if anyone else sees this and knows the answer give us a holler!
  4. jmythngdmb

    Which Install Option for FSXSE

    Thanks byork, That's kind of what I figured but I wanted to be sure, you obviously do a lot here to help everyone, it's much appreciated!! Have a good one. Scott
  5. Hi I searched and didn't find the relevant info so I apologize if this has been discussed. I am fairly new to the FS world.... I downloaded FS2CREW to go along with my majestic dash 8 pro and under the install options I have fsx, fsx and fsxse side by side, then my P3D options. Which do I select if I am running fsxse only? Thanks in advance for the help! scott g