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  1. I have pretty much a homemade airplane based on the generic RV series that comes with X-plane. It's a RV-8. It has a very simple 3D cockpit. I have made a panel that I like with planemaker over the years and I now want to use the Reality GTN750. It works fine as a window, the only problem is when I change views the window stays put. A little annoying now that I have a couple other planes with the GTN as an option in the 3D panel thats works great. There is a perfect empty spot in the panel now that I removed the old radios via planemaker. However I have tried many different options in the GTN.ini file and it still will not display in the panel, only as a window. After much research I assume the problem is with the cockpit.obj file. I have AC3D full version with the proper plugin. At this point I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure how to enable the GTN in the .obj file or even if I need to. I'm asking for a steer to some knowlege on how to fix this. I'm seeing everything I'm supposed to in AC3D, but just don't know the next steps. I've linked a GTN.ini file and the cockpit.obj and a panel.png of what I want to do. Thanks! cockpit.obj GTN.ini Panel.png
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