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  1. Hey Brett, if you want to OC your 9900K you will have to watercool it anyway! I have a cusstom Loop with a 360 Rad on my 9700K@5GHz and see temps in the high 70's in demanding Scenarios. Cheers, Peter
  2. Hello Steve, I've recently did an upgrade, so here is what I did: i7-9700k@5GHz ASUS Rog Strix Z390-E (for the built in WiFi, you could save some bucks with the F, which is nearly the same board without WiFi) 16 GB of 3200 MHz DDR4-RAM from Corsair EK Waterblocks custom Loop with a 360 Rad Kept my GTX 1080 and my Fractal Define R5 What can I say: I would do it again anytime! With the Hotfix (I was suffering very poor Performance in v4.5) I did a testflight yesterday with the QW787, over EDDM (very dense autogen) with all of ORBX (Base, Vector and Germany South) with REX SF and EF in AS generated bad weather (Low vis, rain, thunderstorms) @3000ft and 180kts and I never saw less then 35 FPS and a buttery smooth sim. That's with quite high graphics Settings. Only thing I Encounter some FPS loss is at night with DL on ... but there my 1080 is choking. So the choice is up to you. Probably the 1070 will do, but don't expect any miracles from it. But you can upgrade that along the way. Cheers, Peter
  3. After setting up everything on my new rig, I wanted to connect my self built switchboard (EFIS and lights for the 737) running a Leo board again. Everything seems fine, Saitek yoke and Leo board are recognized in Windows, P3D and FSUIPC, keypresses are recognized as they should. Also inside LINDA everything looks fine, FSUIPC and the yoke and Leo are recognized and marked as ok. Anyway, no matter what I do, LINDA will not recognize any keypresses when I want to setup my buttons ans switches. What am I missing or messing up? Help highly appreciated. Regards, Peter
  4. After finishing my new build and Setting everything up I have encountered a Problem I can't solve, even after Hours of Google and Forum searches. I'm using AivlaSoft's EFB with the Client on a Laptop. Apparently MS has Chosen to discontinue homegroups, which was how I was running the System without Problems until now. To this date I managed to connect the two PCs, so each Shows up on the other and has Access to all required files. But no matter what I do, Server and Client do never establish a Connection. Am I missing something? Am I doing anything wrong? Help highly appreciated! Best regards, Peter
  5. Dear fellow simmers, I have just finished my new build (see signature). Everything is working pretty well, though I might suffer from the mediocre performance some folks encounter with v4.5. Anyway I am able to achieve 25-30 FPS in the 787's VC in heavy weather at LEBL with settings on the higher side, AS16, REX Skyforce and UT-live. But as soon as I start ChasePlane my FPS drop to 3-5. This happens with both the new experimental update and the earlier non-experimental. Has anyone else come across this problem and has eventually found a fix for it? Thanks in advance, Peter
  6. Well right ... here the difference between the EKWB and the Kraken X72 is around €60, which I consider acceptable within a €1200 to €1300 build. So I'm willing to spend the money anytime IF the custom loop offers superior performance compared to the AIO - be it cooling or noise production. To be honest, I really love to set up and fine tune things. So this really would be a bonus for me instead of an inconvenience. Maintenance is another chapter, but I would be willing to take this pill. Thanks, Peter
  7. Thank you guys for all your replies! Really helpful! After that I've done a lot of reading. Where I live the prices for the different mainboards only differ by a few bucks. So I'm still not sure, wether to take the ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E or the Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro WiFi. As I -at least- have decided, that if going with the new Z390 chipset, I want the onboard WiFi, those two remain in the race, with the Gigabyte having 12 vs 11 CPU lanes. Not sure, if this makes any difference. The Gigabyte being 40€ cheaper, I tend to go with that, left aside the BIOS, that's probably handier with the ASUS. A top notch AIO is hardly cheaper than the EK Waterblocks S360 kit. Furthermore I just want to build a custom loop, so what the heck 😉 One more question: will I really notice the difference between 3000MHz and 3200MHz RAM? Thanks and have a nice evening, P
  8. Hello, fellow simmers, at the moment I'm running an i5-4690k at a stable 4.6 GHz, cooled by a bequiet DarkRock 3 Pro. Now I plan on upgrading after four years with this system due to performance reasons in P3D v4 (ORBX, AS, REX SkyForce, EFB v2, some Airports, UT live, mostly PMDG 737NGX, QW 787, TFDi 717). Money isn't really an issue, but certainly I would want to get the most for my money. CPU wise I've narrowed it down to the 9700k or the 8700k - almost same price here. On the other hand I could save quite some money buying a 2nd hand 8700k and save around €150,- What would be your choice? Regarding the Mainboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z390-F vs. ASUS Prime Z390-P. Is the ROG really superior to the Prime when it comes to OC and if yes, what's the real difference? Lastly cooling: I chose to go liquid this time...would you recommend a custom loop (e.g. EK WaterBlocks) or will a AiO do the job just as well? In each case with a 360 radiator, because my case has enough space and the price difference between 360 and 240 is neglectable. I'll keep my 1080, and my 500W be quiet Power supply and put in some 16GB of 3200 MHz CL16 Corsair Vengeance RAM. So what are your thoughts? Best regards from LOWG, Peter
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