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  1. Ok i find out, what the real problem is. If i press the button on my joystick, the flaps are moving. But the flaps switch in the cockpit doesn't move. Thats why, i can't hear sound of the switch.
  2. Hello guys. Yesterday i‘ve bought the learjet. The gtn integration was very easy after i‘ve found the opt panel button. :D But i have a second problem and i want to know if it is a bug or a problem on my side. When i switch for example the gear lever with the mouse, i have the sound from the lever. But if i press the gear lever button on my joystick, i dont have a sound. I have installed the v4 version and the seperaten sound file from the homepage. Maybe that was or is the problem. Did somebody of you have the same problem?
  3. I have a problem with the GPS Mode. The autopilot doesn't follow the flightplan route. Is it a bug from carenado or a problem with my ap settings? If a press NAV and AP, the plane make a strange bank angle and doesnt get the right curse. Phenom V2 with new Extension Pack from Navigraph for v4 is already installed.
  4. :D it was simply the wrong version. I tried the config panel for v2 and not for v3. :D
  5. I got the legacy and the turbine duke into the v4 with all sounds. Everything works fine but the gtn750 doesn't show up in the duke. Only in the legacy. I also changed the config file like i did with the legacy. But this config files doesn't change anything. Cold and Dark also doesn't work if i change the part in the config file. edit: found the failure. No everything works!
  6. Ok i found the problem. Now everything works.
  7. I've complete deinstalled the 777 and reinstall the new one. I would say, that's the correct way!
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