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  1. Y Agree, those are all great. And so are the huge power line towers and the cleared swaths under them.
  2. In more remote areas and mountains, high-power transmission lines are very helpful.
  3. Power lines are absolutely a navigation aid when flying visually. Not optional in a sim. But I don't doubt they will be addressed in the coming months.
  4. That's what I was thinking. The time zone trick is an old one. I figure they just let it slide and can spread the server load out a bit.
  5. My launcher is prompting me to update to Is this a bad idea? Or will it work fine? @RXP
  6. I would think if that were the case, the issue would not be isolated to the King Air.
  7. @asandor Looks like we have the same plugins, though I also use pilot view. I have to pull Xjet to use some planes. I often remove gizmo too, when not flying the X-Aviation planes. I'm stumped, since the RXP works perfectly for me on everything but the KingAir. So perhaps it is Xjet and the JRE triggering something else. Anyhow, it's all well and good now, as I can adjust the ini manually if needed. Thanks for your info.
  8. Thanks @asandor. What plugins are you running other than Xjet?
  9. To be clear; the the RXP works fine for me in every other aircraft. The only variable here is the Xjet plugin which is required by AirFoilLabs products. So my post functions to notify of the probable issues with RXP and the Xjet plugin, in case someone cares to look into it. Thank you.
  10. I am not. Did you try it (opening options) in the AFL King Air and it works normally?
  11. 19/07/22 13:36:32.858 14644 - ] # win.xpl version 19/07/22 13:36:32.858 14644 INFO ] 19/07/22 13:36:34.681 14644 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 19/07/22 13:36:34.680 14644 INFO ] 19/07/22 13:37:14.200 14644 INFO ] GTN 750.1 - TRAINER 6620
  12. My GTN 750 runs normally in my sim with the exception of with the AFLs KingAir350. When loaded in the KingAir, the rxp options window cannot be opened from the plugins window and the GTN is restricted to the Garmin database. Odd, since the GTN is set to use the jep worldwide data, and does so in other planes. I wonder if there is some sort of conflict with AFL's xjet plugin (wouldn't be the first!). All updates for the RXP. GTN trainer, and KingAir are up to date as of yesterday. Anyone else with the AFL King Air have this issue? Load it up and try to enter a European airport into the flight plan. A manual edit of the ini will overcome this. But hopefully the options issue can be looked at. Steve
  13. I've had a pair for a while now. I could never go back. Smooth, precise, and sturdy, they are wolds away from the CH I have long suffered and now permanently retired. Especially for helis and taildraggers, you will really appreciate them. -Steve
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