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  1. True. But it's funny as it's such a sudden deluge after a decade of drought. 🙂
  2. And now we have 3 PHL Paywares? One from coming from Dominicdesignteam. One in the ORBX store from MK Studios. And another in the MS Marketplace from FlighSim Studio AG? Does our cup runneth over?
  3. When they charge for scenery that is below many freeware offerings, it is tiresome.
  4. Is the KABE for sale in the MS Store pretty lousy?
  5. PHL loooooooong overdue. So happy to see this!
  6. Still no custom PHL projects under way for the 21st largest airport in the US? I'm hoping that SunSkyJet might do a conversion/update.
  7. The 20th busiest airport in the US has never had a custom payware scenery? I too hope this changes. https://www.stratosjets.com/blog/busiest-us-airports/
  8. I know much of this is already reported, (apologies for repeats) but just to cover my AP experience (using TDS GTNxi)... 1. AP is locked on 2992, not panel altimeter reading. 2. Unable to set to HDG nor APP mode (although it did track a glideslope for my GTNxi on an RNAV approach in GPS mode) 3. Several instances of spontaneous severe wandering off course. I was able to reset and recapture. The airframe deice switch does not set, springs back to "off" from either direction. Clouds appear in the cockpit (don't know if this is a MSFS issue or the plane)
  9. Very nice work. Is this plane is normally aspirated or turbo normalized? I think the later 310s were offered turbocharged (?). I like to fly in and out of high elevation airports.
  10. Y Agree, those are all great. And so are the huge power line towers and the cleared swaths under them.
  11. In more remote areas and mountains, high-power transmission lines are very helpful.
  12. Power lines are absolutely a navigation aid when flying visually. Not optional in a sim. But I don't doubt they will be addressed in the coming months.
  13. That's what I was thinking. The time zone trick is an old one. I figure they just let it slide and can spread the server load out a bit.
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