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  1. Finally made it home from work... read the Topic this morning in the Office. Longest work-day I had for a while! Download started seconds ago. Thanks PMDG!
  2. The often update the ops center a few days prior release of the product. I hope it will be released today, but I won't place a bet on it.
  3. What I learned from the past releases for V4 is, once the operations center is updated it is about 2-4 days until the product gets released.
  4. Ryanair Rotation from Hamburg. Destination unknown yet
  5. WHEN. WILL. IT. FINALLY. BE. RELEASED? joking; a Little; maybe not; cannot wait... These are some awesome Pictures, that make me look forward to the NGX even more. Thank you very much for sharing!
  6. I know, I was joking because this forum.had about 20 topics about the release of the NGX already.
  7. I just wanted to start a new topic asking if no one wants to start a new topic on when the NGX gets released. Pls proceed everyone...
  8. Hello, Did you check the windows event viewer? Maybe it'll show you the file that causes the CTD. My last CTD was caused by a dll file from ultimate traffic live, which I did reinstall afterwards. No new CTD yet. Cheers Ben
  9. Yea, and GSX tells me, that all gates are too small.
  10. I need to qute myself here. - JustSim "patched" the V4 Version of EDDH, and I have no more fps drops with dynamic lights (landing lights in the 747 to be exact) anymore.
  11. Plus, they just recently equipped a few of them with new wifi-anetnnas.
  12. I think Justsim just modified their installers to work with V4. I have EDDH and at daytime it is working fine, but at night I have horrible ground flickering and dynamic lights in the pmdg 744 kills my fps.
  13. I know they do, but maybe they can share a new timeline with us while they wait on a LM fix for the 773.
  14. I said it before and will ask it again... Any chance you can use the time waiting for LM on getting the NGX ready? Cheers Ben
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  16. Any chance you can use the time to get the NGX running while you wait for LM? Just an idea :) Cheers Ben
  17. Hello all, just a quick first post. I recently "switched" from X-Plane to P3D (or using both now), so I figured I should finally register here. Enjoy your flights! Cheers Ben
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