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  1. Anyone else getting this error?
  2. I can get to the store but I can't add the product into my cart. It can't establish a connection. Tried on multiple browsers.
  3. I just figured something out. I was loading the MD88. The sounds appeared to applied to the MD82 only. I installed the sounds only into the MD82 and not the other two variants. The issue is now resolved. Thanks for the reply and help!
  4. Okay I just tried that. I dragged the sound folder from TSS into the where the sound files for the MaddogX are. I renamed the old sound folder to something different. I then loaded the sim up and threw it in a ready-to-fly state. I am still getting the same issue with 0 engine sounds. Not sure what is going on.
  5. Hello, I recently tried installing the TSS Engine Sounds for the Leonardo MaddogX. My engine sounds aren't working at all for the aircraft. The install instructions give an example on how to setup the multiple engine choices for the Quality Wings 787 and not the Maddog for some reason. I am confused as to what to put for the sound value in the Aircraft.cfg file. I have tried typing JT8, JT8D and nothing has worked.Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Help is appreciated Thanks!
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