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  1. I dragged my drawing layer to the top of the list, used the eyedropper, and sent it back into the proper folder. Thanks for the help!
  2. Layer blend mode is normal, but the other layers have different modes. Should I switch them all to normal? I am using the PMDG 747 paintkit
  3. The color I get ends up being noticeably darker than the rest of the livery
  4. It's been several weeks since I opened up this project and I forgot what the hexcode was. Pressing alt+b does not give me the same color as the rest of the color on the repaint. Am I screwed?
  5. For my first repaints I'm giving a few BA world tail 747s a go: So far my experience is quite nice. It is nifty using a stylus instead of a mouse for a lot of work. Right now I am trying mobile Photoshop. Next I am going to try using Easycanvas to use the iPad as a drawing tablet for desktop Photoshop, and finally, Procreate. Has anyone else tried repainting with an iPad or other tablet? How did it go?
  6. After changing frequencies, the previous controller will often keep contacting me asking me to acknowledge a handoff if I don't contact the next one fast enough. Is there a fix?
  7. I have never had a feature update not break something in my computer. Whether it is my flight simulator registration, (Destroyed my FSX Box install) desktop, control panel settings, something always gets ruined. Is deferring to 365 days a good idea?
  8. I feel like there isn't a single joystick on the market that's decent. The warthog is 200 dollars and still has issues like that, Saitek stuff breaks, CH stuff is cheaply made, Virpil is very hard to purchase, and VKB are almost always out of stock.
  9. Do you think I'd be okay without the Warthog throttle? Obviously I would have to find an alternative. I heard it went for a pretty good sale price on cyber monday, is it generally on sale? Thanks for your reply 🙂
  10. I am a little lost. My logitech Extreme 3d pro from 2013 is starting to die on me. It's extremely over sensitive and has issues centering. I love the feel and button placement of the Joystick. Having a button comfortably near my thumb for ap disconnect is awesome, and having two buttons on the top to serve as trim switches is greatly appreciated. I have narrowed my replacement options down: The Saitek X52 Pro, Thrustmaster Warthog, and Honeycomb yoke. I am not at all a fan of the t16000 simply because of the button layout. The Hotas X looks very cheaply built. I have heard that Saitek have horrendous quality control. As for the Honeycomb yoke, despite not being out yet, there is also the fact that a lot of my flying requires a stick. I do a lot of flying in military aircraft, and do some Airbus flying. The thing is, if I were to go for the Thrustmaster warthog, I would be making an extremely large investment. I would not be able to justify buying a yoke. I am not sure if I can justify even the MSRP. If the HOTAS goes for a 35% sale at least I intend to look into it, but if not I can only justify buying the stick. What do you guys think I should do? Buy a cheaper stick and the yoke, buy the warthog hotas, or buy the warthog stick and a cheaper throttle? (I already plan to buy rudder pedals) Thanks in advance.
  11. The problem is no one was defaming FSL. Placing an exe file with the same name as a Windows process in a Windows folder is the biggest red light for malware there could possibly be. The fact that a company feels that they can censor speech and threaten members on unrelated websites is terrifying.
  12. Is there a way to use Bluetooth Headphones with FS2Crew? I have them paired to my PC, and while the mic works perfectly, I cannot get FS2Crew to set them as the default headset device
  13. Forgive me for bringing back a year old thread, but what name do you put?
  14. The A380 safely has a decade of production left with the current orders, and many airlines seem happy with it. I predict we will see it in the skies for another half century or so.
  15. The only fairly priced sophisticated addon I know of is the TFDI 717. This price is on par with what PMDG would offer for something of this complexity. I would say it is a bullet I am willing to bite.
  16. I would assume by the name UTL has live real life traffic injected as opposed to canned schedules.
  17. I recently got the JF 747 HD, not loving it much but oh well. I have seen plenty of videos online and an avsim review that show this planes vc having an INS. How do I select that as an option as I really hate the FMC it comes with.
  18. I don't recall where I found it, but there is an FSX patch for the DM 111 that makes it work flawlessly and even better then the Justflight version.
  19. The thing is I find Windows 10 to be a great operating system but Microsoft keep ruining it. The UI is amazing, I find it marginally faster then 7, and I feel it has more useful features. Yet Microsoft keep finding ways to bloat it into being useless. They bloat it with extra apps no one needs or wants, they bloat it with updates that break the software we really want to use, and they bloat it with services that do nothing but slow it down. I for one will never by a Windows product for anything other then gaming.
  20. Every update season I regret using Windows 10. It is a beautiful OS but Microsoft cannot go one major update without breaking something. Microsoft needs to stop trying to be like Apple, it will never happen. Is there any way to disable content updates?
  21. If we are going to discuss the DC3, there is a freeware version of the wonderful Manfred C47 for FSX and P3D readily converted to XP.
  22. I had all my files removed. My Windows install was fairly new, and I didn't want to risk removing the virus I had gotten.
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