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  1. hi guys i am having a bit of a problem with updating my aircraft.. after several attempts of uninstalling and reinstalling the latest versions of both my pmdg products every time i open the ops centre i KEEP having a message saying i need to update even though i have the correct updated versions for some reason this is also causing my p3d v4 to keep crashing to desktop every time i try to fly either of my aircraft and it is incredibly frustrating. has anyone had thisd problem or know a reason as to why this is happening!!
  2. no i have never done any migration and tbh i wouldnt have a clue how to
  3. here is the latest crash report from yesterday https://gyazo.com/3d31a2b2c8d870b302e7641b4487ecda. and no my oc says i dont have the latest version installed after several full uninstalls from programs and features.
  4. as for me i have deleted all exisiting downloads and folders re downloaded many times and i just keep getting the same thing happen :-(
  5. i have uninstalled and reinstalled many times olympic but i seem to be stuck saying it still needs updating after many re installs of both pmdg products
  6. just a bit of advice needed. i am unable to update either of my 737 or 747 products despite re downloading and installing from my previous orders as advised when from the pmdg ops centre as shown in photo https://gyazo.com/6dc194b6123e5000ccbfdc3183d70fb6. (i get same message for 747 aswell) thus every time i try to do a long haul flight in my 747 or intermittently in the 737 the game decides to crash to desktop without any warning or reason as to why this is happening. for some reason i seem to be stuck in a loop as to why it is to why irt is not updating and no clue as to how to solve the issue any help received is gratefully appreciated many thanks rob
  7. sorry im been trying to sort this out for over 3 days now and am end of the road for ideas so im using p3d v4 and i have exported from pfpx and sim breif as a rte file as told by several people but that hasnt worked.. i have tried saving the flight plans to both pmdg and p3d flight plan folders but the screen never picks up the route or purple line on screen
  8. HI ALL. i seem to be having problems with my 747 and not finding the route and wondering if anyone out thee could help me every time i try to load the route in the fmc it just doesn't work. it looks like it comes up in the legs page but it doesnt want to find the next way point or the purple line on the screen on front of me and when i take of there is no light path to follow. i have tried with both PFPX and simbrief and i have tried to put the flight plan in to 2 different flight plan locations but nothing is working and is really frustrating as sometimes it even says there is no routes found aswell. i cant fly anywhere after paying over £100 quid for a plane i cant use so if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this then any help is massively appreciated.. (p3d is installed direct to my D drive) many thanks
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